November 26, 2023

Contract Or Expand?

Beautiful women with a while veil over her face and text: Contract Or Expand?

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You can contract to meet a need/desire, or you can expand to meet it. Both are okay, neither is right or wrong, but it may help you to get clarity on which of these you are or want to be.
About 16 years ago I decided to become the person who, when met with financial limitation, did not contract to meet that need, but expanded to meet it, and exceed it, instead. I suspect I was always a little this way, but that is the time when I really decided to unleash it.
Prior to that I did it the way I learned by watching the world which is to retract.
Retract and pull back and go back to meet the need. That worked. It served me well until I was ready and willing to decide to expand to meet it instead.
But once I decided I would always expand in the face of what felt like financial contraction, I always found a way, and the way always found me.
It’s not perfect, it’s not a steady straight line up on a graph. But whether it goes down or up, overtime it’s always trending towards where I want to go, it’s always going up, raising the potentials and possibility, and raising the reality right along with it.
This is not easy to sustain in yourself sometimes, because it goes against everything you’re taught to believe and do. But it has been the most fruitful work of my life to take that journey.
I realized something vital recently.
I realized that that determination I always have had to expand instead of contract is the “spoiled ungrateful brat” energy/part of me that I have been pushing away and refusing to love all my life (because I was told in no uncertain terms that nobody loves that kind of being, NOBODY). And that that part is completely unacceptable and rotten to the core.
I believe ALL parts of SELF are parts of us, because all parts of self are parts of god/life/spirit/source/consciousness/universe… so this part exists in every one of us, including me.
And little did I know she’s been saving my life and creating a beautiful life for me since forever, and not just for me, but for MANY others who are touched and provided for by me having all that I need and want for myself to thrive. When I expand the world expands because I am part of the world. My life touches many others whether I see that or not.
This part saves our lives because it’s the part that refuses to give up on your dreams for yourself, your desires for yourself and your life. It is the one who dares to be stubborn and persistent and insist that this is what they want. That ranges in everything from personal goals and achievements, to insisting that a loved one get the medical treatments they need and nothing less. That is the part that is standing up at those times. And they are a needed and vital part of the whole.
They get out of balance when they are not listened to, when they are not heard, when they are told how they should be, and not accepted for the role they’re here to embody. And it is my job now to do all of those things, it’s my responsibility, not anyone else’s. Paradoxically, when I know that and do that, everyone else shows up to support it. Because I did first. And they reflect it.
We’re taught to hate this part of us, to keep it under wraps, otherwise we’ll be the worst kind of being. But the more you push against it the bigger it gets.
I have decided to love this part of me because I KNOW what love does. It quells, it calms, it creates peace. I am grateful to have witnessed what parts of me still believe in HATE and abolishment as a means to an end within myself. So I can end the war in me.
This is how natural balance and harmony is created in myself, and then in my world. ❤️
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