April 4, 2021

When You Thrive, The World Thrives.


As you begin to create more abundance, money, freedom, or even love in your life, there will almost inevitably come a point that you feel guilt and/or shame about that. This is usually quite sneaky, and you will often not recognize it as that at first.



How it usually manifests is as a feeling of discomfort, or an unexplained feeling of sadness that you cannot put your finger on. For others it may show up as defensiveness or anger. But no matter how it feels, what has happened is always the same:



your heart has expanded, or is expanding, and now it’s trying to close in self protection.



Because expanding your heart to include more of life, and more of yourself, and more of what you want is scary. It’s scary because it’s new, and thus unknown



On top of this, you have learned many things from your world about what it means to have more, you’ve learned there are the “have’s” and the “have nots” in this world, and you’ve learned that the “have’s” are the REASON that the “have  not’s” do not have.



And because of this you likely have a strong subconscious drive to stay a “have not”. Because you have been steeped in scarcity mindset all your life, and you believe in a limited pie. And when you believe in a limited pie, and have a slice, then for sure someone else will miss out.



But there is no pie. The pie is a complete and utter myth.



That is why there is more money and abundance of all kinds today than there has ever been in all of time. That is why there is more freedom and opportunty than there has ever been, and more love than there has ever been, and more kinds of love, and more things to love than there has ever been.



But if you believe in the pie, you will subconsciously avoid taking a slice.



In truth, however, it is the opposite. In truth when you thrive, the world thrives. And that is NOT a nice idea, it is a fact.



It is a fact because what happens when you have more money, for example? You pay your bills, you buy things, you go places, you spend that money and you circulate that money all around the globe. It goes to companies who pay peoples salaries, which puts food on their tables, runs water from their taps, and puts money in their retirement plans. Your grocery money pays the store, who pays the farmers, who pay the harvesters, and the drivers, and the stockers, and the checkers. Paying your electric bill pays countless people who work for the power company, it pays for their own heat and roof over their head, and it even pays for their family vacation! The hotel you stay at on your own vacation employs countless people from construction to landscaping to maintenance and many more. The home decor you bought paid many different designers, artists and manufacturers. 



This goes on and on and on and on in an infinite chain of abundance. And all of this is BEFORE you’ve even made a single charitable donation!



And what happens when you do NOT thrive? Or you hold yourself back from thriving to the fullest? You are not able to pay for or buy those things, and it takes that money away from all those places it could have gone, and all of those countless thousands of people it helped to support. No matter how small a flow of money might be, it was combined with the countless other flows to support countless people, and when ONE flow is restricted, it restricts ALL FLOWS. But when you have more, that flow just grows!



See this. See this deeply. Truly SEE THIS and you will give yourself a new permission to thrive.



Because you will finally GET IT that it helps absolutely no one for you to suffer and it helps absolutely EVERYONE when you thrive and get all you need and more. When you are full up with everything you need to thrive, you spill over, you cannot help it, it just happens completely naturally.



The more you have, the more that flow can circulate and expand, and the more it circulates and expands, the more the entire world – not just your local economy or even your own country – but the ENTIRE WORLD thrives.



Because thanks to the internet our spending is no longer located to our country or community. The flow changes currencies with utter ease. It circulates the globe with utter effortlessness.



So carry this with you, and remember that the more abundance of all kinds you allow to flow into you, the more you will allow to flow out, and the better it will be for ALL beings.