January 21, 2024

You’ve Changed

The image appears to be a motivational or inspirational graphic. It features a background of what looks like smooth, curved rock formations, typical of sandstone canyons. Overlaid on this image is text in a decorative, cursive font that says "You've Changed" at the center. Below this, in a smaller, simpler font, it reads "MAKE MORE, DOING LESS, BEING YOU." At the top of the image, there is a URL: "SUNNICHAPMAN.COM". The overall design suggests a theme of personal growth or self-improvement, encouraging the viewer to embrace change and focus on being authentic while achieving more by doing less.

Want to listen to this instead? Read or listen below…

You met the real and true love and power at your center and now it won’t let you get away with anything less.
You used to get your money and success from gold stars and hitting the marks and impressing the hell out of yourself and others. And now, secretly, you don’t really want to impress anybody but YOURSELF.
And the way you do that has changed.
Because the place in you you touched wiped away everything that wasn’t authentic. And now it is your REQUIREMENT to get your success and money from that real and true love and power at your center, and to put that first, so that any goals hit or marks made are just cherries on the cake of your rapture.
You love yourself, you love your life. And you’ve come a long way to realize that. And so all those old ways you hit your marks aren’t going to work for you anymore, you might have noticed.
And the reason for that is simply that once upon a time you cared more about those marks, than you did about YOU. But that’s all different now. Now, you care more about YOU than you do about those marks, so NOW those marks just get to be icing.
And every time you try to do things or achieve things in that old way that you used to, the biggest part of your being rejects it, it rejects it, because it’s honestly confused!! It’s like looking at you with the side eye like “Whaaaaat???? That’s not who I am. That’s not how I get things. I get things because I want things. They’re for me, and so I create them for me.”
You no longer have the ability to believe those externals can make or break you, and you once derived all your power from those things!! It’s no wonder it can be confusing at first, you’re like what the hell happened?
You changed. That’s what happened. You are powerfully centered in love and your truth and that part of you will just not accept anything less than all that love and power right back in its rightful place.
You’ll succeed as soon as you remember it’s your decision to succeed. And that you have the power to make that decision—not anyone or anything else. That you ARE that success, and that every success you have ever experienced in your life has been born out of YOU. Powerful, wonderful, beautiful, YOU…
and decide you are just going to trust yourself on that like the life you love depends on it… because it does. 💗 😉
And if you need support with that, you know where to find me.
P.S. Thanks to you My Work Sells Itself was my biggest release yet! And I have already heard from several people how powerful it has been just over a week in. If you’d like to still join but missed the deadline I’ve opened the portal for this group just for today so you can still catch up with the current live round. It will be available evergreen moving forward but not in this live round with the Q&A’s. See you there!