June 21, 2020

The Obstacle Is The Key


I had a dream the other night where a being with bright clear eyes looked at me and said: “What holds you back is the very thing that will deliver you.”


As soon as I woke up I knew exactly what that meant.


What it means is that whatever it is that seems to be holding you back is actually the thing that will carry you forward… it means that whatever it is that seems to be in your way, that you are willing to face and move through in whatever way that you are called, is the keys to your kingdom, so to speak.


For example, if my mind has been telling me that some external circumstance, person or situation is what’s holding me back — than I know what’s holding me back is the belief that the power to create a different reality is always and forever outside of me, and I don’t really have any power to create change or change my life at all.


So I could stop there. Give up. Throw in the towel. Admit defeat. Hide away from it. Or, I could challenge that idea. I could rip it down to the studs and find out what it’s made of. I could find out what I’M made of. I could build a new belief…


… a new belief in MYSELF. 


There may be very real things, people, situations, circumstances and otherwise that are literally holding you back or holding you down… and this is not invalidating the reality of that. You can honor that struggle AND decide to rise against it.  Because there is a power in you that no one can ever touch, and when you focus on and amplify THAT power, it will show you the way.


Because you are so much more powerful than you know, and have so much more available to you than it seems, if you dare to put your faith in yourself and your truth, instead of on the externals. 


Whatever it is that you’re afraid of… whatever it is that seems to hold you back… if you run, it will only grow bigger at your back. Turn and face it. How else will you know it’s here to help you? To help you remember who you really are, and all you’re really made of. 


Our obstacles help us become the one who can hold the things we’ve called for, and become the one we came here to be. 


So say yes to them. Meet them. They are only old viewpoints whose time has come to die. It’s like the elephant tied to the plastic chair, believing it cannot move, believing it has no choices and no power… having no idea it could be free. Not by the permission of others, but but by its own sheer will.


If you don’t try to move, you won’t see nothing’s truly holding you. If you don’t challenge the weight of it, you won’t see that you had the power all along.




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