December 3, 2023

Finding The Root

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You don’t hate selling your work, angel.
You hate manipulation.
And you see very clearly that most sales in this world absolutely wreaks of it. Most modern day marketing teachings are textbook grooming tactics. (i.e. build “know like and trust”, give “treats” to earn trust, offer special favors, etc. etc.)
This is what is at the ROOT of much of your aversion to selling your work. Because there is part of you who is in deep disagreement with this and it won’t let you move forward because of that.
You don’t want to play those games.
You don’t want to have to.
But how are you supposed to not manipulate others when you can’t even stop manipulating yourself?? (i.e. making yourself do sh*t you don’t want to do to be liked, to be loved, to be safe, or to succeed, every day??) …
When you’re taught that that’s the only way, when you’re taught that you don’t have a choice, when you’re taught that nothing else works and that’s just the ‘way it is’, how are you supposed to do anything different when you’re saturated in that thinking?
But you do not have to do that to sell your work and thrive. Before there is AWARENESS of  these things, there has to be “control”, and there has to be those kind of tactics, because there’s no awareness. But after awareness, there’s just a choice.
You get to be a free being, and prosper to your hearts delight! Simply by really *choosing yourself*, and offering that same freedom of choice to others.
And if you don’t believe that can work, or you don’t know where or how to start with that, my new “My Work Sells Itself’ (because it knows who it’s for, and who it’s for knows it) 😉 Course is starting soon and it’s designed to help you do just that.
Because, you love your work! You love what you do. You just don’t love manipulation, you don’t love having to do a big song and dance, you don’t love game playing, you don’t love all of that… but you love to share your work with the world, that’s why you do it! 😂 You just don’t love having to “peddle it”.
Life would be grand if you could just do your thing and the work could sell itself right?  It CAN.
But not from the IDENTITY that you’re currently embodying, that’s all. And not from the beliefs that you’re currently embodying about this, that’s all. It’s an energy and place in you you’re going to find and embody. We’re going to flip the switch on that story and help you discover and embody your already existing inner knowing that your work sells itself because it knows who it’s for, and who it’s for knows it.
It doesn’t matter what your prices are, you can call in your perfect fit people simply by being what you are, and offering them a choice.
You have no competition, but the competition you believe in and give your energy to. You can’t bloom in someone else’s field, angel.
I have been walking people through the process of standing out from the crowd for 25 years, but the SECRET SAUCE of that was never trying to MAKE  them stand out from the crowd, it was simply uncovering their already existing unique intrinsic unrepeatable essence and just letting that shine, that’s all.
And then they could shine quietly, or loudly, or any way they wanted it to. That was all that was ever needed. They could use any marketing strategies they wanted or not. All we had to do was create a visibility they felt proud of, instead of embarrassed around.
When they more truly and deeply saw themselves, the world saw them.
I watched that take so many clients from beginners to multimillionaires, in lots of different industries with LOTS of competition, but that competition didn’t hold them back one iota. Because they didn’t have any competition. They found that inner knowing that nobody could do what they do in the way they do it, and that energy spoke for itself.
‘My Work Sells Itself’ Course is designed to put you in touch with your own special sauce so you can embody the energy of someone who knows that your work is in a class of its own.
All the deets and prerequisites to join at link below
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