July 16, 2019

When It Feels Like Nothing’s Working


When you’re doing the work but it feels like nothing’s working… when you’re throwing everything at it but you’re not breaking through…

When it’s taking way too long and you’re way too tired and you’re SURE that the amount of time it’s taking is a valid piece of evidence that what you hope for and dream is in fact impossible for you…

Do not despair.

The reason why reaching new levels in your life and business is not an overnight affair is because you are in the middle of a process. Every time you reach for new things you enter into a PROCESS, and that process takes TIME— and here’s why:


Because when you decided to reach for that new thing, you also decided on a subconscious level to actively break certain “laws”. Not THOSE kinds of laws, but the unspoken “laws” you have learned from your environment and world since the day you were born. The “laws” about what’s possible for you, and who you are allowed to be, and what you are allowed to do, and have.

You were taught that when you do not follow those laws, you will be an outsider. That if you break them, you will be exiled. You have watched people be exiled when they broke those unspoken laws. You have learned what happens. You have learned what you’re not allowed to be, do, have, and receive. You’ve seen it for yourself.

And so as you attempt to reach beyond those laws and limitations, you enter into a trust building process. One that works EXACTLY like trust building in a relationship works.

You reach trust in relationships when you reach beyond what you’re “supposed to” be, and dare more and more to be YOURSELF and find that you are still SAFE, and okay, and loved.


It is the exact same in business, and money, and making any dream of yours come true. You are working towards that, you are taking different actions, you are letting yourself be seen more in what was previously “against the law” in your world, and you’re testing the waters at each step, to see if you’re still safe, and if you’re still okay.

And each time that you dare to do that and you ARE okay (in the present moment), you gain a little more trust in yourself and in life. And each time you AREN’T, you are given the next thing to work on (and with) inside of you, so that you can begin to heal that, move beyond it, and try again.

The illusion though, is that you are building trust with life outside you or with external forces, and that will be part of it, but what you’re reallybuilding, is trust in YOURSELF.

And no, it’s not an overnight process. But it is a process that WORKS so long as you keep following it.

Because whatever you are seeking, you are ultimately seeking that thing for some kind of FREEDOM. And freedom… true freedom anyway… starts INSIDE.

You’ve asked. You’ve asked for what you want, and Life is answering. Just keep following the call. Keep your eyes open to how life is answering you. Keep picking up the trail of breadcrumbs that it is leaving.

It will all come together. And you will find your freedom, in whatever way that looks and feels like to you.

Because darling, any “law” that would keep you from freely being ALL OF YOU was always meant to be broken. ❤



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