January 29, 2023

Your Life Is Always Showing You What You Value

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Your life is always showing you what you truly value.
Your life is always demonstrating what is really important to you and what is actually your number one values in life. You are ALWAYS SUCCESSFUL at what you value most at any given time.
The trouble is that often times we are comparing what we value to other peoples values, or society’s values and coming up short and thinking we are failing because we are failing at matching OTHER PEOPLES goals and values!
For example, my number one values in life are LOVE and FREEDOM.
When I look at my life, my life clearly demonstrates that. I have created a LOT of love and freedom for myself, and for my loved ones, because those are my number one most natural and innate values.
Freedom to experience whatever I choose to experience. The freedom to go and do and be what I want to go and do and be. And the freedom to change my mind whenever I want to. 
I am a changeful creature and staying or doing the same thing over and over feels like death to me. 
It’s not good, it’s not bad, it’s not right, it’s not wrong, it’s not better or worse than any other values in the world, it just IS what it is for ME.
I value my freedom so incredibly much. And because I do, I have made it my life’s work to get more free inside (first and foremost) and outside (secondary, and caused by the increasing freedom within me).
I am NATURALLY drawn to do this to the point I don’t even think about it. I do not need to be “motivated” to do this. It is like breathing to me. I literally couldn’t stop it if I tried to. Same with creating. Same with love.
It is what is most natural to me to do.
And that means everything I do, and everything I have is IN SERVICE TO THIS FREEDOM & feeling of LOVE.
It means I employ and dedicate ALL OF MY RESOURCES, my time, money and energy towards the creation and expansion of that freedom and love.
It means the money works FOR my freedom and love, in devotion and dedication to my freedom and love, not the other way around.
My safety and security also gets channeled toward supporting more of that freedom. My love and being loved gets channeled toward supporting more of that freedom and love. Everything in my life goes towards supporting that. 
It’s my reason for being, I need freedom and love like I need air, and if I smother it in any way my light quickly goes out.
If I put my freedom and feeling of love lower than money or achievements it does not work for me and will not work for me. It completely backfires. It’s backwards for me, and my body, mind and soul knows it.
That is me trying to pretend like the values of money, success and achievements are more important to me than my freedom, (because I have been taught all my life that they are more important than my freedom in this society and that they should be and that they are actually the key to my freedom!) but my system knows already that that is a lie, and it won’t let me get away with it.
The same thing happens if I try to pretend money and success and achievements DON’T matter to me, when they very much do. They belong on the list, they are part of my values for myself because I have big dreams, but for me personally, they just don’t belong above my freedom and love. And to place them there will be a misalignment for me every time.
My deeper wisdom knows I am free and my expression is meant to be freedom and love for life, and anything I attempt to hold above that or use as some excuse why I’m not free or free to be in love with my life will not work for me until I put it in it’s rightful place — which is in SUPPORT of my freedom and love, and a RESULT of my freedom and love. Not the other way around.
For another person, money, achievements and success could be their number one value and that is perfect for them and a perfectly designed for them! 
Our number one values are as natural as breathing to us, and they are built into us the way they are for a reason, they are part of our heart and soul and our unique life experience here. They determine how our life will touch other lives and life itself.
EVERY persons unique priorities and values are purposeful and important to their life and to all life as we know it throughout all time! Everyone and everything has its own unique mark.
Some peoples number one value will be family, connection, relationship, activism, invention, disruption, success, making money, gardening, nurturing the earth, adventuring, compassion, kindness, pushing the physical limits, spirituality, athleticism, etc. etc. And their lives will very clearly DEMONSTRATE what they hold most dear.
And all of those values hold unique gifts that are VITAL to the thriving of the entire web of life. They are not supposed to be the same! Their differences are what holds up this whole beautiful and yes sometimes very messy ongoing experiment called life on earth. 🙂
We suffer when we are fighting what is most valuable to us and believing something else should be more important than that, that is when we feel low, depressed, heavy, sad, stuck, hopeless, and beating ourselves up for failing to match other people’s or societies values and ideals.
We get in alignment with, and empower our TRUE values (and manifest their most effortless and natural results), when we recognize first what those values actually  are!
And once you know what they are, you can then begin to measure the “success” of your life according to what you have done, or currently do, that serves and creates more of those values. 
My life demonstrates a lot of love and freedom, I am very successful at that. And when I am clear those are my number one values, I can much more allow more money and resources to support me in creating more of that. But when I have my own values reversed, or have money stacked above them, waiting for the money to validate that I can go ahead with what’s most important to me, I will be hustling a lot, churning my wheels a lot, and feeling generally burnt out and uninspired.
But when money takes its rightful spot of being in service and support to my greatest values and desires, it flows so much easier like it’s so happy to have been finally set free to support more of who I REALLY AM.
To connect with the heart of things, to inspire and to set myself and others more free, inside and out, is what I live for!  To learn more about myself and life and to experiment endlessly with my favorite medium (which is my life!) is what I live for.
And the more clear I am on what I live for, the easier and more fulfilling and full of love the living feels.
So what do YOU live for?
What are YOUR number one values?
Not the values you wish you had, or the ones you think you SHOULD have, but the ones your life actually demonstrates that you have…
If you aren’t quite sure take a look at your life and what you spend most of your time and resources on. It will show you what’s important to you right now faster than anything! And it will show you the TRUTH of what you value, faster than anything.
Let me know what you find!
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