July 11, 2021

Breaking The Limits

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Breaking The Limits

Today I am sharing a letter I wrote to myself. I woke up doubting myself and my ideas and my passions and purpose and I needed to talk to my REAL self. (You know the one). I remembered I am an artist. Always have been, always will be… not in the narrow definition but in the broadest definition there is: I am the artistry of creation. I am the creator, created, creating.



I hope you enjoy this letter, and read it back to yourself in your own voice, if you are also doubting all the things.  — xo, Sunni






You came here to create. 
You are a creator. 



You did not come here to conform, and fall in line. Nor did you come here to fight conformity or for the right to be yourself. That is not your purpose here. 



It is your most natural self to expand and break the limits. It is your most natural self to express and explore as you are. 



You have come here to expand your horizons, not just to appreciate the ones that are here. Though appreciating them is part of your purpose here. It is also your purpose to honor the seeds that have been planted in you. 



It is not your business what happens to those seeds in the eternally expounding ripple of this universe. You create for the joy of creating



You express and explore your ideas for the joy of expressing and exploring ideas. That is what human life is for. You have not come here to win peoples favor. You have not come here to spend your life winning people’s love and approval, nor have you come here to win “god’s”. 



Life, The Universe, Consciousness, Source, whatever it is you want to call it… You have not come here to win its approval. You HAVE its approval. You’re HERE. Its love and approval is your very existence



This universe has bore you into it, beloved. You do not need to work for its favor, or its love. You do not need to work for its blessing. It is here. The blessing is here, and it is you, and it is air and trees and flowers and laughter and hugs and tears and light and dark and water and earth.



You are infinite love, expressing. You are not a human living a life. You are Life, living as a human. 



Human is but one of your expressions. Human is but one brush, one stroke of deepening color on this infinitely expanding canvas.



As such you have all the resources you need. You can call them to you at every step. You can call them like plants call water from the earth.



Stop arguing whether you can or not, and just try. And don’t you tell me that is a dangerous game. Don’t you tell me that is a dangerous game



A dangerous game is living your entire precious lifetime stifling and serving another master than your own beloved soul and your freedom to know this beauty. 



That is what is dangerous. All manner of fear, suffering and pain arises from that stifling.



You were born free to be free. This siren song of freedom cannot fail you. Any seeming failure on the way will be your stepping stone, bringing you one step closer to this depth of beauty inside.



And you will pour over… like water over stones, revealing veins of gold within the mountain.



This is your right. Your reason for being. To shed that sparkling joy and send it skipping through the rings of time. 



Do not give it up. Whatever shadows may haunt you on your way. 



It is you that has cast the shadow, beloved.
That is the power of your light.