July 3, 2022

Follow The Breadcrumbs

Forest road in the autumn and the text: Follow The Breadcrumbs

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I talk a lot about following the breadcrumbs in life. In fact, many years ago, I had a blog called The Daily Breadcrumb. In fact, here is the banner image that I drew, first in a pencil sketch and then scanned and brought to life digitally later on…


Illustration of a little girl who is following The Breadcrumbs



Isn’t she beautiful? There is so much going on in this image. The wind moving in the direction of the breadcrumbs, the stars in the sky that shine through a wooden texture, lighting the way through the places I still felt boxed in. The fact that there are 3 breadcrumbs beyond her reach, and one in hand, and the fact that they then seem to end and go off into the abyss. A fact which I could endlessly interpret, but I’ll spare you. 😂 And the ribbon in her hand that’s come undone and blows in the breeze.
This was the early days of me learning to follow my most authentic path, the true callings of my heart and soul. I had actually been doing it already for a long time, as a matter of fact, but when I drew this 13 years ago, it was the beginning of me being CONSCIOUS of the very different way I was living.
Not following the well-worn path of others or of the collective. Not even following the radically nouveau ways of the new. Just following my OWN way and my own truth, no matter how that looked to others, and no matter what it might do to me.
It was the spirit that was required to build my own business and my own lifestyle on my own terms. It was the spirit that was required to travel to the places I wanted to go and discover the things I wanted to discover.
What I realize now, that I didn’t realize then, was it was a willingness to actually be annihilated. I know that sounds morose and dramatic, but what I mean is, it was a willingness to fail, to not be okay, to not know what was next, and to not know how it would turn out. Having that willingness gave me the SPACE to TRY.
In this way, I was putting my heart and soul’s truth above satisfying the world’s requirements of me and its endless expectations. Instead, I chose and lived my highly creative life.
This was FAR before it was fashionable! Today it’s becoming a new norm (which is WONDERFUL!), but back then, it was practically unheard of. I didn’t just stumble into a career that I could do from home or anywhere. I CREATED it by following the breadcrumbs of my heart.
And look at the world now! Suddenly working from home or anywhere has become totally normal. But my intuition knew it was for me, long before it was a big thing. But I didn’t understand that then! All I did was just follow the next thing that lit up on my path, the next thing that felt right or good to me. And every time I listened, I’d find MAGIC.
I’ve been doing this all of my life, but I didn’t really know that that’s what I was doing. And when you live this way, naturally, you almost forget that other people don’t. It’s kind of jarring to remember how limiting life can seem to those who truly feel they have no choices.
We always have choices, even when they seem severely limited by forces beyond our control. We can always choose to move in our own direction, in some way, and in some means.
That may be a very small step at first, but those steps then grow as you learn to trust not in what you’ve been taught or shown by others, but in the divine being that is YOU.
So what are these breadcrumbs of YOUR life, and how do you know where they’re leading you??
Well, your breadcrumbs are the things that light you up! What lights up for you will be different things at different times, and it will be exactly the next thing you need, whether it makes any logical sense to you or not. It certainly won’t make logical sense to others most of the time, but you don’t have to worry about that. You let them walk their path, and you walk yours. Breadcrumbs can be books, songs, lines in a movie, teachers, mentors, nature, flowers, insights, downloads, directions, places, travel, gatherings, interests, hobbies, learnings, and any number of things!
Just notice what’s speaking to you at any particular time. What lights you up? What fills you up? What makes you feel more at home in yourself?
And how do you know where they’re leading you??
You don’t! Your mind may think you want to know that, but actually, your soul wants anything but. Your soul wants the discovery of itself. The adventure in knowing yourself, becoming and un-becoming. The journey out and the journey back in. Your soul WANTS to be annihilated eventually, in that it wants to let go of all ideas of itself and come back home, but the human journey is the FUN we get to have in doing that!
That becoming and unbecoming. And I know… it doesn’t feel at all fun sometimes!! But from the long view, you’ll look back and see it all as part of the magic.
So just keep following those breadcrumbs, my dears. Because no matter where they lead you in the meantime, they’re all leading you back to YOU.
You can’t get lost, and you can’t fuck this up.
You can only learn something new about YOU.
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