August 1, 2021

Born Free

Two beautiful white horses and text: Born Free



So I had a conversation with myself the other day, after watching some other people in the business and money mindset space, and I wanted to share that conversation with you. This conversation is really between my ego/performer and my heart and soul self with a capital S. I have these conversations all the time, usually in my journal, but sometimes just out loud, and they always help me hear my higher wisdom.



Ego/Performer:Hey, you should really be more results focused, and write and post more things about goals and results and how to get there super quickly like these smart and obviously super-successful people.”



Heart/Soul: “Well sure, that’s one way to go. Nothing wrong with it. It is helpful and it’s definitely served me! But what feels better to me now is the reverse. What feels good to me is focusing on what people are really after with the money and the success, which is more freedom, joy, love, ease and a deeper peace and fulfillment first, so that any and all money and success that is created then will be created from the space of those feelings, and thus actually FEEL like freedom, joy, love and ease when they get them, instead of like stress and overwhelm, or like it’s something they now have to “keep up”, and like something’s still missing.”



Ego/Performer: “OMG. Seriously? Don’t give me that hippy crap. People want promises, they want instant wins, they want pressure, they want a time crunch, they want fast results! They NEED it! That’s just the facts! They don’t want your easy-going slow train to freedom! Nobody has time for that. Good lord.



Heart/Soul: “Yah, that’s true. There are so many people who want that, and that’s why they’re drawn to that, most of the time because they simply don’t believe there’s any other option. That’s okay. It’s perfect. What’s heaven to one person, is hell to another. There ARE so many people who don’t want an easy-going slow train to freedom, and that’s their choice. But there are also people who DO. People like me, who are done with the mind games and the pressure and stress, people who just want to feel and create a truly beautiful life WHILE they invite more money and freedom. People who get it that if you create the money from pressure and overwhelm and fast-ness, they will also have to keep that speed up, because the feeling you use to create it, is the feeling you create more of and have to maintain.”



Ego/Performer:Whatever! That is just the tired old trope of not focusing on the money or caring about it, and seeing it as unimportant to real freedom, so you’re just supposed to forget about the money and the desires for money, and be grateful for what you have. Umm, Fuck that!!



Heart/Soul: “No, that’s not it at all, but that is how it will seem when you are operating under the delusion that it has to be EITHER/OR, and can’t be BOTH. That is exactly the belief that leads people to burn themselves out trying to get money so they can have peace, instead of feeding themselves love and peace and simply ALLOWING money to show up for them from a space of already being full. That doesn’t seem possible from the old paradigm. When you have those either/or goggles on, you will always think that freedom or peace means no money. And of course you do, that is how you’ve been trained all your life in this world. It’s not your fault, but there is another way, and I want to share it.”



Ego/Performer:Hmmfff. I still think you would be far more sale-able if you focused on just the results so people could see what they’re gonna get like all the smart people do! Not just write your meandering thoughts and poetry as if anyone freaking cares! That’s not how you build a successful business!!!



Heart/Soul: “It’s how *I* build a successful business.”



Ego/Performer: “Well good luck with that!



Heart/Soul: “Thank you sweetheart. You know, I think people DO see what they’re gonna get. They’re gonna get the freedom they’ve been searching for all their life. The inner freedom. The freedom to know they were born free. And born for this adventure we call life. But nobody says yes to that but the ones who are ready to have it. There’s really only two options: you can hustle for your freedom all your life, or you can BE IT. Now. No matter where you’re at, or who you are. No matter what circumstances you’re working with. And when you get that, everything changes. And the money will follow that freedom. Not overnight… not without bumps and bruises on the road… but in that slow and sweet train ride through your wilderness. You can fast-train yourself to money and success, absolutely. It totally works. But do you want to LIVE on a fast train?? Is that the kind of life you want for yourself? Each person has to ask that question for themselves. And there are no wrong answers. Some people love speed. Others love spaciousness. It’s all good. But certainly I won’t appeal to the speed-train riders. And that’s totally okay.”



Ego/Performer: “FINE. geez. I still would prefer to have EVERYONE LOVE ME ALL THE TIME”



Heart/Soul:I know you would, sweetheart. Everyone does love you. Just not in the way, or for the reasons you think. They love you because all there is in the end, is love.” 



Ego/Performer: “Pffft. 🙄 Freakin hippy.”



Heart/Soul: “I love you too.😉💞 and P.S. I do share results, but never ahead of real freedom.”



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