July 30, 2023

Big Doors, Little Doors

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Life is a series of big doors and little doors.
You are opening up a new little door every single time you make a choice of ANY kind, hundreds and thousands of little doors in a week, a month, a year.
Little doors like who you’re going to spend time with, what you’re going to watch, who you’re going to listen to, read, or put on a pedestal, little doors like the clothes you choose to wear, the music you listen to, the places you choose to go, the way you’re going to respond or react to what someone did or said, etc. etc.
Each of those little doors opens up to an experience, and those experiences shape YOUR WHOLE LIFE. 
Most people think that to change your whole life, you need to start opening up some BIG DOORS. Big doors like business decisions, investments and a choice of career path. Big doors like major abrupt total life overhauls and giant bold leaps.
And you CAN. That can be absolutely gorgeous to do.
If you’re in the mood for some drama. 😉
Because make no mistake, those big doors ARE dramatic! Because big highs hold the potential for big lows, that is the nature of polarities. And some people have come to experience just that – the heights of possibility, and all of the exquisite and sometimes excruciating emotion and events that come with pushing yourself that way. It is a beautiful thing, and I certainly have a flair for it! 😂 
But I also really love the quiet and more stable nature of the small doors. The peace and the ease of a more gentle progression and flow. And these two sides of me fight sometimes, but what I’ve learned is, I’m always going to love and have a bit of  BOTH.
Because the truth is the little doors ARE the big doors, and the big doors are just little doors in disguise.
Every seemingly small and insignificant choice you make reflects what it is you TRULY value, just as much (and often more) than the giant choices you make. That doesn’t mean you need to stress on all your choices now or overthink them, it just means you begin to bring some awareness to whether they are supporting you in what you want to feel and create in your life.
Because those little doors 🚪 open up big doors too.
My favorite way to create is to go into my mind and heart and open up a really big door, a massive door that feels like there’s no way I could get to that door or get it open, I use that door as my destination and I then just open every little door that FEELS like it’s leading in that direction, and I don’t worry too much about “getting it right” or getting it perfect, because I have done this enough times to have built trust with myself and my sense about these things.
Trust your little doors and big doors, and trust your propensity for big doors or for little doors, trust your preferences and way, just be honest with yourself about what that is and what you really value, because otherwise that is where conflict and distrust in you arises.
And where there is lack of trust and conflict in you, is where you are not in agreement with yourself. And where you are not in agreement with yourself, you feel blocked stuck. Ask me how I know 😅 lol.
If you’d like to deepen into self trust and attune to your big door path, Moth & Moon Guided Oracle Journey is a beautiful and easy way to be supported in that, and if you’d like to get clarity on what you want and how you want it in your life, so you can define that big door more fully, Fulfillment First, my private podcast with a month of prompts on exploring your deeper fulfillment is a really easy way to dip your toes in too. Or if you’re feeling in the mood for something more somatic, meditative and woo-woo, than Yummy Money Honey would be a good choice for you.
See you next week sweet peas,