from confusion and overwhelm to clarity purpose &


Do you ever wish you had someone you could just tell how you feel about where you’re at with your business and life, without judgement, in a safe space? Someone who would listen to where you are, what you’re facing, the ways you’re feeling confused and/or lost about what’s next, and help you get clear and see the hope and silver lining, and claim what you’ve truly been longing for?

I'm your girl.

I’ve been in the business of helping people get clarity on their purpose and passion in their businesses for 24 years. But I’ve been in the business of helping humans see their own unique worth and value for ALL OF MY LIFE. I was that girl that people would take aside at a party and confess their deepest pain to. I was the one that people would come to when they couldn’t see out of the dark place they were in, and wanted to see the light. I am still that one… a seer of what's underneath.

As an empath and a highly intuitive person, I have a knack for reading between the lines and seeing peoples intrinsic unique value, and what they're really wanting but just not giving themselves permission to pursue because they can't see the way.

People come to me when they feel lost, confused, overwhelmed, stuck, or unsure of what to do next. When they’re trying to be paid for something they “think they can make money on”, instead of for the thing that comes most naturally to them, in the WAY that feels most natural to them, and would give them the most joy to do.

What I know from over 24 years in business for myself is that the money flows most uninhibitedly where your joy and purpose flows. But often we refuse to give ourselves permission to be paid for the thing that comes most easily to us. And that is because we have blinders on to our own value. The gifts that we naturally excel at, we think “everyone can do” because they come so easily to us so “why would anyone pay ME for that“. We also have been taught that we have to ‘earn’ our money through hard work and suffering and that that makes us “good people”, and so our subconscious goes to work making our work path a LOT more complicated than it needs to be, when your true gifts could be helping both you and everyone around you to thrive in new and wondrous ways!


The combination of these beliefs (and many more) are what stops you from claiming the life of freedom you want to live, and stops you from seeing and embracing your divinely given gifts, when in reality that is the very thing the divine WANTS to pay you for.


You are a channel for receiving. Life set you up to succeed! But that channel just got buried under a lot of crap you took on along your way. The truth is you have MANY channels for receiving in your life, but your BIGGEST, FASTEST, MOST-DIRECT channel is the one that you’re probably discounting the most, because it’s so much of who you naturally are, that you can’t imagine it could pay you, much less pay you well. But where there is a will, there is a way.


Buy your clarity session below.

You will then be sent to a beautiful easy-to-use online questionnaire to fill out, which will help me (and you!) get to know you and where you’re at right now and what you’re wanting. This is where you get to spill it, in a totally safe, secure, private space.

I will then write you back, telling you what I see & hear from all you’ve said. I will send my suggestions, encouragement, support, intuition, inspiration and best advice (if I have any). I will take a few days to ‘sit with’ what you’ve said, so you can expect to get my reply within 3-5 business days.

You can write me back and ask more questions based on that if you like. Up to a total of 2 email replies from me. After that you will need to purchase a new session.





People who want clarity on their value, purpose, passion and path in life and livelihood.

People who are committed to creating a better quality of life for themselves and/or their loved ones, and living more free.

Freedom loving people who want to make their own way in life and plant and tend the seeds of their greater becoming.




You know you are the creator of your reality and are responsible for your reality and results.

You understand that new realities and results are created from the inside-out.

You are not in a huge rush or dire immediate need to make money, you are safe and exploring changing directions.










Do I have to have a business to do this?

No. If you just want support and encouragement and clarity on your path, I’m here for that.

Why only emails? Can’t I talk to you on the phone or zoom?

Since this offering is designed around my most natural gifts, and since writing is my preferred method of communication, and since I’m a MEGA-introvert, this is the way that works best for me. How it works best for YOU is that it helps me have the time to process what you’ve said, and give my most comprehensive intuition about what you’ve said. It also keeps a perfect record of what was said so you can come back to it when you try to avoid sticking-to or acting-on that clarity (which WILL happen – because resistance is sneaky like that! ) and it models for you that you CAN actually do it your way too.




This is a safe space and 100% confidential interaction. Nothing you you share will be shared with anyone, ever. I have a lifetime of experience safe-harboring the precious jewels that are peoples thoughts, feelings and ideas. What I know after all these years is that you already have all the answers inside you, and all I have to do is hold space for you to discover and claim them, with maybe a pointer or two along the way. But it is always your OWN wisdom we’re discovering, and it is always YOU that I most want you to trust.

This session is a short exploration into helping you get a little clarity and perhaps make a new connection you hadn’t made before. To feel seen, heard, and more empowered to be YOU and do YOU in your business, your way. But it is not a guarantee of results or a quick fix, and you are fully responsible for yourself and what you do with what you receive from it. There are no refunds on these sessions, and by buying the session below you agree to these terms.

Sound good?

Once you purchase you will be immediately re-directed to a thank you page with your next steps and the link to fill out your questionnaire, so be sure not to miss that!