November 12, 2023

Coming Back Around

front part of rustic, orange bike is in the contented of image, and text over      Coming Back Around



Hi angels, I’m back.
So after hitting pause for a minute I realized what was feeling off for me and what wants to change moving forward. It turns out it was something very subtle (not a big format change) that I actually wanted—i.e. it was an energy thing not an action thing.

I realized my newsletter was the last place I had more of my business hat on instead of my artist & creator hat on. Don’t get me wrong, I love both hats. 😉  But there are WAYS I have done business that have been adopted from things I learned about doing business, instead of from my own creation from what feels good to me. 
I have done that very well in my business and life, and it has served me very well to do so! But with this newsletter there was some small part of me still on autopilot, just performing a function that I was told I needed to perform. But that doesn’t work for me. It never has. When I go against my nature it is not sustainable, so I go with my nature, always.
Part of my issue was that I noticed a strong annoyance coming up from people/companies that started emailing every single day. But then I realized I post on social media pretty much every single day now and have something fresh that I truly WANT to share there, I am not trying to invent it to be “visible”, it is just pouring out and I have to share it. 
It never used to be that way! I used to disappear and not post anything for weeks at a time. lol But it is that way now, I can’t STOP those posts from coming, but over here in newsletter-land it didn’t feel the same anymore.

And I realized it’s because I’m not just letting myself express and create, like the artist I am, and to trust that that expression and creation connects, because it connects TO ME. And “my people” the people that resonate with me, also connect to that, because we share that resonance.
Over here in newsletter land I was trying to make sure I “provide value”, and “create a transformation” and let people get to “know, like, and trust me” – all jargon I learned from various business programs. I didn’t ever really follow those rules the way people said, but it was still rattling around in the back of my mind and energy field, and I believed I needed that to connect and to succeed. 
But my success has ALWAYS always come from me honoring my true and pure desires, and prioritizing that first, above all “rules”. And that commitment has created the incredible thriving life and business I have now. 
I was terrified I needed all those “rules” to be safe, and accepted and to succeed and to thrive, but I did not, I just needed to LISTEN TO MYSELF. When I listen to myself, I thrive. When I don’t shame myself for my desires and I just go with them and follow where they lead me, I thrive. When I hear out my fears and my guilts and my own objections and bring myself into inner harmony and cohesion, I thrive. But when I try to do things because “that’s the way it works” or because “that’s what they say is effective” or because “that’s what you have to do in business”, I get stifled and I get stuck. That’s just how it is for me, I accept that other people do well that way but for me it just will not do.
I realized that the ‘know, like and trust’ game and ALLLLLLL the marketing games that are played in this world are essentially like grooming, and I want nothing to do with it. Besides, I don’t want you to trust ME, I want you to trust YOU. Because I want to trust ME, and this is what I need in order to do that. 
I don’t need you to want to buy and participate in my work, I need to thrive and be successful on my own terms and in my own way, and there is a difference! But if I were to believe that I needed you to want to buy and participate in my work in order for me to thrive and be successful on my own terms than that is when, and where, the manipulation comes in, because I am seeing someone else as the source of those things instead of me/god/life/love/universe. 
And I know better. Even when the animal part of my brain does not. 
Now don’t get me wrong, playing games and even luring and trickery is as natural as bees lured to flowers and flowers lured to sun. Even sweet little  birds have no qualm about ripping a worm out of the ground, lol. Life has its ways, there is a place for such things and I am not saying they shouldn’t exist… especially when you grasp the infinite and how everything is essentially paying everything forward, endlessly, forever and ever.

I am just saying I feel, and have felt for a long time, that there is a better way. Moving forward with all we have learned and gained as a species, there is a better way. And I am going to be the change I want to see. 
My gut, and my inner guidance tells me that I do not need to convince anyone of anything, nor do I need to “convert” them, (even though that works for some models and it has its time and place and it’s FINE) but people know what they want, and they will give themselves what they want when they are ready to receive it. And that is none of my business.
My business is to show up with what I have to share, want to share, feel passionate to share, and frankly, simply cannot NOT share! That is how it feels to me.
So I will be showing up here with more stuff I cannot NOT share. lol 😂 More stuff that I am intrinsically inspired and motivated to share, and no stuff that’s like “I wonder what would best serve my audience 🤔” because that is not going to be authentic for me. I know there are people who are more naturally wired that way, but I am not one of them. When I try to do that I get lost QUICK.
But when I just listen to my heart, my wants, my needs, they know what to do, and when I support them… they not only support me back, but they support everything around me in turn… 
like an ever unfolding field of love. 💗
I know the power and value of my work, and nobody else needs to know it except the ones that do, and the ones that do only do so because it’s made for them and they recognize it. I don’t need to fight to make that happen. I just need to allow myself to be seen and allow my work to be seen, and hold open the door for any and all that want to come in.
The way I’ll be holding the door open is to continue to show up here with things I am excited to talk about, shifts that I have made or am making, and telling you about my new works and offerings should you decide that they’re for you too.
For the longest time I’ve been hemming and hawing on this and kind of waiting for one way or the other to be “proved” the right and effective way for me, but now I have remembered I get to decide, and I am just deciding that is how it is going to work for ME. Because that’s what I want. period. Not because it’s right or wrong, or good or bad, or better or worse, just because, that’s what I want.
And as soon as I did that I realized it’s how everything major in my life has always worked for me. 😂

As long as I was waiting for someone else to decide or tell me it was okay or right, I was stuck in limbo. And as soon as I decided I wasn’t waiting and just deciding… there it was. 🥹
Business is NOT what it used to be!
It is and has been RADICALLY shifting at an unprecedented pace. The old rules no longer apply. You are free to dream up your own living and the way you make it. What it comes down to is just knowing what your aim is, clearing any tension you have about that aim, and relaxing into trust while it is assembling in your reality.
Welcome to the new world, sweet pea’s. You are on the cutting edge of a whole new era of freedom and joy creation! And when you prioritize your freedoms and joys, they begin to lead the way.
So very much love to you and whatever it is you’re dreaming up for yourself right now. 💞 




Oh! and P.S. – last week I spontaneously offered a never before done 1-1 Voxer only week long support space for mentorship for my birthday week, just to see how that felt to me. Turns out it felt GREAT! So I have decided to expand that offer into a 2 week container, Voxer mentorship (text or voice message app) for $555. Just hit reply if you want it and I will send the payment link to get started.