February 5, 2023

Create Your Most Beautiful Life

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I love my life so much.
I realized last night that when I went from just creating my own beautiful life with intention, and loving my life so much, to trying to teach others to create their own beautiful life with intention and to love their life so much, things got wobbly.
I realized they got wobbly because I entered this arena where I was then looking at and comparing myself to all these other people in that arena, and as soon as I started doing THAT, it majorly started f-ing with my own ability to create and manifest the way I used to.
And the reason for that was so simple, it was that IN that comparison, what I once thought to be amazing and felt really proud of and fulfilled in, suddenly wasn’t enough.
Because it wasn’t as much as this person or that person on social media and what THEY were doing or had done.
That feeling of lack and insufficiency quickly reflected in my experience. It manifested as a feeling (and all the proof to go along with it) that I was not enough.
Suddenly I felt ‘stuck’ in a way I had not ever really felt before.
Before I had been doing my life creation in private, I set my goals and desires that I wanted to experience and nobody would know if I hit them or not but me. There was no pressure, social media was also still fairly new back then and not at all what it has become today, so the day to day comparison of myself to others was not there either. 
I managed to be very impressive to myself in my small pond, but when that pond widened, holy crap. Suddenly I was just a fish stick in an ocean of killer whales. 😂🤣🤣
I stopped loving my life then. I stopped being proud of what I’d done and who I was. I started comparing and I started despairing
Suddenly I was simply not enough. What I had was not enough. What I GAVE was not enough. What I did was not enough. What I received was not enough… and to add to the frustration, this COMPOUNDED because feeling that way of course  manifested more results that matched that perspective (more things that matched not feeling like enough).
My failures weren’t something I quietly moved on from in privacy anymore, they were suddenly public and seemed proof positive I wasn’t enough, and the increasing feelings of not-enoughness, led to MORE expectations of failure, which led to more failure!
It was a snowball effect in the worst way and a downward spiral I couldn’t pull out of no matter how I tried or how many tools I employed to try to get back into alignment or positive expectation.
The expectation of failure had its claws in me then, and the harder I tried to “fix it” and “figure it out” and “clear it” – the worse it got (of course! because I was resisting it and pushing against it, trying to overcome it, and was thus totally ‘hooked’ into the drama of it.)
But what I recognize now is that it wasn’t a misstep or a mistake that I went through this! It was taking me, just like everything else in my life, to a place I really needed to go for my ultimate fulfillment and joy in life. It was taking me to a thing I really needed to confront and work out with myself.
Which was my relationship and attachment/aversion to failure, and to success. Sister sides of the same coin. And even more so than that, to a deeper self-love and self-acceptance, so that I could more solidly and securely be myself in the world, come what may.
It was perfect. It was no mistake. I’m so glad it happened. But I won’t say it didn’t suck! It did. lol It was hard. It still is when I am in those spots of tension and am gleaning something new…but I love my life again!
I never really stopped loving it, but I was struggling far more than necessary when I was locked up in comparison and resistance.
I love my beautiful life that I have created and am continually creating with my intentions, and I am able to teach and share that now without comparing myself to others and while being more true to the heart of what I want and what is truly important to me, more and more each day.
To speak my own language in the world with joy and clarity. And to trust that the right people, the ones who were born to hear this message, will.
I can see so clearly now all the miracles and magic that were created during that time of struggle that I wasn’t counting (because I was too busy comparing myself) and it blows my mind. Such magic was happening all the while! So many beautiful things were born and created in my life, even though I was struggling.
And that’s a very helpful belief to cultivate if you don’t already have it! That beautiful things come into your life even when you are struggling. That you are supported and loved and are creating your most beautiful life even when you are  in the contrast and in pain. And you always will be.
Perspective is SUCH a powerful thing!
So is LOVE.
Love is the MOST powerful thing.
And bringing love and understanding to yourself exactly as you are and exactly where you are right now, is the FASTEST possible way to easily shift your perspective into abundance. In fact it will happen quite naturally on its own when you bring yourself that love and acceptance first.
I love creating my life on purpose, it is my greatest joy. And I can’t wait to share more of that adventure with you in the weeks, months and years ahead.
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