June 27, 2021

Money Myth Busting IV

Rocky mountains and text Money Myth Busting


It’s the last week of this Money Myth Busting Series (for now) and I’ve got two more myths for ya to explore:



11. Having money makes you a different person – AND/OR – making more money requires you to be a different person.

Are you starting to see just how interconnected these all are?! As with so many of these myths we’ve already discovered that money does not make you anything, good, bad, right, wrong, kind, mean, or otherwise… money simply EXPRESSES what you already are. However, when you believe that it makes you something, you probably have all kinds of ideas of what it will make you, and those ideas likely come from the media, television and movies you watched all your life. 



So you think that to have more money you have to wear a pantsuit and work in a high rise and live in the city and sit at a desk or just be working hard all the time and leading some kind of empire. Or that you will have to dress a certain way, or suddenly be super fit and gorgeous, or spend your time at country clubs and go to big events all the time. So if you’re someone who loves to spend time in nature, and are a quiet creative type who has no interest in any of those tropes, you may subconsciously steer clear of anything that would bring more money and abundance into your life because you think you have to be THAT person to get it or keep it. But you don’t! 



There are people who make BOAT LOADS of money growing and harvesting organic herbs, or teaching cooking classes online, or taking photos of gorgeous places in nature, or painting gorgeous places in nature. People are doing all manner of different things all over the world and making a living at it. 



Did you know in ancient Egypt they paid women to come and dramatically cry at funerals because they believed it helped them in the afterlife? That means even super emotional cryers (like me) could get paid just for being who they are and this happened THOUSANDS OF YEARS AGO! If that could happen then, it definitely can happen now for whatever it is YOU love to do the most. 😉



The thing is nobody knows the treasure map to that abundance like your very own heart and soul. But you’re not going to be able to listen to, or find that treasure map inside yourself while you’re still believing you would have to wear pantsuits and/or work hard all the time. You don’t have to. There are myriad ways and means for you to discover, and the more you let go of your beliefs around what having lots of money has to look like, the more you will discover and allow yourself to let that money in in ways you never would have believed! 



12. Making lots of money is hard.

No. But changing your mind and beliefs about what it takes to make lots of money and/or what you’ll have to do, or what that means about you is hard — because the old wiring you have about all that is so deeply engrained, and it is reenforced and exemplified by the world around you DAILY. It is a pattern and so it requires disruption to the pattern and then PRACTICE of catching yourself in that pattern of belief and re-affirming your dedication to your new belief and to the new reality you are creating. There IS lots of evidence in this world (PLENTY!!) that making lots of money 
is hard, and that has come about by our collective agreement in this.



However there are some who do not have this belief, even when they were raised in abject poverty, and they saw the change result of that shift in belief in their lives. It may have taken them years of gradual changes before they saw that shift in big ways (and for others it could have been years of thinking differently and the change itself was quite quick when it happened), so do not do yourself the disservice of trying to change your mind about this once and then giving up when you do not immediately become a kajillionaire. You simply DECIDE to take the journey of changing your beliefs about money and thus change your life and relationship with money FOREVER. That decision will pay you back all the days of your life, and will accumulate and increase in power over time.  



Here’s an example of a gradual way that could happen in someones life: because of their mental shifts about money, they simply start being less STRESSED at their day job, they feel a bit more in trust and flow so they don’t push themselves so hard. This not pushing themselves so hard ends up making them MORE productive in fewer hours because all that energy that was being drained in stress is now available to them in their more trusting/peaceful state. The boss notices this and promotes them. OR THEY notice this and decide to use that energy to start trying something out on the side, just for fun or as an experiment. That new side thing then gains momentum and a life of its own, income starts building and replaces the day job entirely and then some! 



Or, a business owner works on letting go of this belief, after awhile they feel a bit more at ease and relaxed, this allows them to finally hire that help in the business they’ve been wanting to hire, which gives them back so much time and freedom they had previously not allowed themselves, which in turn gives them new inspirations and ideas to run with! As a result they actually start bringing in more money than ever before, all while the business owner works less than they ever did before. OR someone who does not even have a job or business, starts working on this belief, and suddenly they notice they are getting money from unexpected places, or value and freebies from unexpected places, or perhaps their own new mindset has rubbed off on their partner who is now bringing in more money because of their expanded consciousness. 



This works in infinite ways, but it DOES work. There is nothing, however, that can teach you this like your OWN experience of it, so you will have to dedicate yourself to it, catch yourself when you’re thinking and believing in the old ways  and re-affirm your commitment to it until you see the results of that shift, however small at first, but once you see it, you can’t unsee it, and it just grows and gets better and better from there.



So that’s a wrap on this money myth busting series! If you missed any of the other blogs in the series (Part 1-4) you can check them out on my blog.



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