March 30, 2019

6 Impossible Things {Before Breakfast}

Do you dare to imagine impossible things?
Do you dare dream impossible dreams?


If you’re here… I know you do. Because my space, and this post, is like a magnet to dreamers. To those who dare to dream of a different reality for themselves, their families, and their future, despite EVERYTHING around them that seems to tell them otherwise.


If you didn’t believe it somewhere deep inside you already, you wouldn’t even click. If you’ve been around here long, you’ll know I’ve got a thing for Alice in Wonderland, and one of my favorite quotes from it is this:

“There’s no use trying,” Alice said; “one can’t believe impossible things.”  “I daresay you haven’t had much practice,” said the Queen. “When I was younger, I always did it for half an hour a day. Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”


You see… I am a believer in impossible things. Through and through and through.


It started as a child with a blooming imagination, before the world and its “realities” shut it out for a very long time. But eventually, I found my way back to this deepest knowing of mine… which was that I can create magic and miracles in my life, and I only need dare believe I can.


With that in mind, I want to share with you 6 Impossible things of my own, things that I thought would never, and could never, happen. 6 things that I thought couldn’t possibly come true… that DID.



1. “I will never be at peace with my body, I will never be able to stop this bulimia, I will never be comfortable and confident in my own skin.”

It did stop. It stopped forever. 11 years now, and I haven’t looked back. And I did find peace with my body, and confidence in it, that did NOT come as a condition of it being thinner or prettier. I did find self-love that outweighs insecurities (most days — not all days, I’m human ya’ll) and it’s just getting better all the time.


2. “I will never be able to succeed in my own business, doing what I love.”

I did succeed in my own business, doing what I love. And every single year it is getting easier to do so, it is getting more and more aligned with who I am and my most natural gifts, and more fulfilling in every single way. (even when hard times and challenges come up, they lead me to the next best thing)


3. “I will never be able to pay off all this insanely huge debt, and be debt free.”

You guys… did you know I once had over $70,000 of credit card debt? I thought I would NEVER get out from under it. I did. I paid it all off in less than 3 years time, and I haven’t had any revolving credit card debt in all the years since. I got a fire in me to do so, I believed I could, I showed up for it, and for myself, and the money and work to do so poured in.


4. “I will never be able to take tons of time off to travel and do things I love, have freedom AND have total financial and work stability.”

I do. I take a LOT of trips to restore and refuel my creativity. I take time off and I don’t apologize for it. It helps me do what I do best, it helps me bring my best self to the table, once I committed to this and knew I could, it happened. I found a way, or the way found me. 😉 I now have BOTH total financial stability AND freedom to do the things I love with my family. I did NOT have to compromise one or the other as I believed I did. Not at all.


5. “I will never be able to make well over 6 figures and still have ease and flow in my life. I will never be able to triple my income. I will never reach this financial goal. That is impossible for me and for people ‘like us’ (people from poverty or lower middle class)”

I did. I did all of that. I went from my worst year ever to my best year ever, more than tripling my income and creating a totally different financial reality for me and my family. A totally different financial reality than I had ever imagined or seen before.


6. “I will never be able to have a team that I trust. I will never be able not to have to do all the work myself. I will never be able to be a boss. I will never be able to only do the parts of the work I love. I will never be able to be paid JUST for helping people see their value and worthiness and capability and amazingness (one of my most innate natural gifts since forever)”

Okay, that’s more like 6 more separate things in one but EVERY SINGLE ONE, busted. I do have all those things. I did do all those things. And it’s just getting better and better as time goes on. 

And now of course… I’ve got all NEW impossible things I’m working towards. And when I look at this list I’m reminded… I’m reminded that I can do “impossible” things. This list isn’t even the half of it.

I CAN create magic, I DO create magic, simply because I RECOGNIZE MAGIC and in doing so, I invite it in. And so can you.


You are not a fool to believe in impossible things. You are not a fool to dream impossible dreams. Dreaming impossible dreams is precisely how impossible dreams come true!


Now don’t get it twisted… I doubt myself ALL. THE. TIME. and this is what I’ve managed to do so far! It is absurd but that’s how the human mind works.


Did all of these things come without extreme challenges and a LOT of emotional and mental work? NO!! But I’m here to tell you that you will not “hard work” your way into the success you want. Most of the messiness and hardship of the work in getting there is PURELY mindset. That’s where all your subconscious doubts live. That’s the part you have to work on. The rest comes WAY WAY easier after that.


If you want to work on those doubts and commit yourself to YOUR OWN 6 Impossible Things, there are many many ways to do so, one of which is to get my Feast or Famine No More Course and work through it at your own pace — it is beautiful, and I’m super proud of it, and I guarantee it will help you clear the path if you dive in with open heart and open mind.


But no matter WHAT you do, just keep on believing those impossible things, and keep dreaming those impossible dreams. The world would not have one ounce of its magic if millions of others hadn’t dared to do the same.


You, my dear, are magic too.
And don’t you ever forget it.



P.S. If we haven’t yet met, hi I’m Sunni Chapman, and I help women get what they want, and love (and leverage) who they really are, so they can create a life they love on their own terms. If you want more pep-talks like this to your inbox, get on my list and get my free guide on how to Own Your Worth to Own Your WEALTH by signing up below 👇


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