July 2, 2023

Angels In the Wild

Lama and text: Angels In the Wild

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I hold the belief and perspective that angels are all around me in human and animal form and are helping me get free every single day in a thousand different ways. 
Sometimes these angels do that by being a massive pain in my butt, pushing my buttons, and pissing me off, which helps me to get clear on what I want to create instead in my own life experience, and to make any changes or adjustments in my belief and thinking that I need to in order to do that.
The responsibility is 100% mine. I do not wait for people or for the world to change before I can be free. I set myself free. And I have angels around me helping me do that, even when it hurts.
That does not mean that is “true”. But it serves me to believe it, so I do. It helps me find peace with the contrast and tension that comes into my life. It helps EMPOWER ME, instead of disempower me. I do not give myself an excuse of “that’s the way it is” or “that’s them and not me”, it may be them, but if I am bothered, then what part of ME is in agreement with that (that they are doing or being that is irking me)??
These are my responsibilities. These are the blessings that the angels in my world show me. Sometimes an earth angel being frustrating as all hell may simply be my reminder to stay in my own business and out of theirs. The answers and meanings always vary. But I am ALWAYS willing to look. It is my joy!!
Okay, it doesn’t always feel like joy 😂 😆 😅 But it does once I look at that tension in the face and transform it into what works for me! So it IS my joy, even though it causes temporary pain. I’ll take it if it means I get to create my own world in my own way. And I do! I get to choose for me. I get to choose who I want to be. The way I respond to life creates.
Sometimes of course, many times in fact, the angels in the wild are sweet little birds, trees, flowers, and humans and animals that are kind and funny, and sweet, and teach me things just by being their beautiful selves and doing as they do. Just by observing them, they BLESS ME.
This is true of the angels that provoke as well! But it certainly doesn’t feel as sweet in that case, and that’s okay. My belief is I came here to experience it all, the range, the gorgeous range of human experience, and then simply lean into what I want to create more of.
I invite you to take put both hands on your heart and take that Trinity Breath of 3 deep inhales, breathing all the way down to your root or lower belly on each breath, and exhaling nice and long slow deep exhales, and then ask yourself “who are my angels in the wild right now?”
Whomever or whatever pops up to mind first, is your answer. Trust it. What does that angel have to gift you? A new awareness? Whether it’s the pleasant kind or the disruptive kind, they are always bringing new awareness. That’s the failsafe. 😉 What is that awareness?
The angel in the wild in today’s post image was one that reminded me to not take myself and things so seriously, to let myself be swept away by the winds of life and laugh at myself much more, cause it’s fun! Thank you angel. 
Another angel in my world (my barking Haddie boy) reminded me that despite disturbances and annoyances, I get to choose peace for myself when I want. My peace is my reaction, and in my power. And by the way, that peace with the reaction may not necessarily look like me being at peace with the disturbance!
But like me being at peace with my OWN REACTION to the disturbance! LOL 😂 (“Oh look at that, I was impatient and I yelled, I’m human it’s okay”) I’ll start there! I’ll start there and work outward. 😉 ❤️
If I can love my own reactions, maybe I can love other’s reactions too (i.e. the barking) 😂 🤣


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See you there. 🤗 Much love sweet pea’s,