May 9, 2021

Crossing Over


If you are in a state of transition right now, as most of the world is and has been for some time now, you may be experiencing all kinds of unsettled feelings as you approach this new and unknown horizon, after having been out here in the middle of it all this time.



There may be this sense that the new shores are rapidly approaching and yet you have no idea what they will look like. Like arriving on an island or continent you’ve never visited, totally unsure what awaits you next or what to expect.



It is unnerving to say the least, and it brings up all our old wounds about endings and new beginnings.



It is at these moments that I think it’s so important to stop and acknowledge where you are now, and how far you have come, and to remember that every good thing you have ever known, loved or experienced in your life ALSO came out of the unknown.



Your loved ones, your pets, your home, your job or business, your greatest moments of joy and delight, every moment of spontaneous laughter, every hug and every hand hold, every twinkling star above you, and all the earth beneath your feet… all of them, everything, has come out of that same unknown.



Seeing that… really seeing that… why on earth wouldn’t you open your heart and trust all that’s to come?



There may be fear. There may be grief.
But expect to be delighted. Truly.



It is not naive to do so. In fact, considering all of the above, it is absolutely PRACTICAL. To see that every good thing you’ve ever experienced has arisen out of change, endings and the unknown, is to see that it is absolutely practical to expect good things to come.



Things that will surprise you, things that will bowl you over with their beauty, things that will make you weep with gratitude, things you would never have seen coming or could have possibly imagined from out of WHAT WAS… because they’re coming from WHAT IS.



Crossing over from who we’ve been to who we will be is not easy when it’s big, and yet we do it everyday in tiny ways, the very cells of our being do it around the clock… but the thing that makes it the hard is the holding on in fear, or the insistence that it should not be this way when clearly… it IS.



When we let go of what was, we open to what IS and what will be.



Bring to mind some of your greatest joys in life right now, bring up a picture of them in your minds eye. Got it? Can you imagine if you had not opened yourself to receive those?? Did you have any idea how those wonders would happen until they did?? 



No.  And you didn’t need to. Nor do you now.



Life has its way. And you are life.