April 10, 2023

14 Ways To Make Peace With Money

Woman in the background smiling and holding the big green flower leaf, and text over itL 14 Ways To Make Peace With Money

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So today I am interviewing money on how you can make peace with it and find more freedom with it, because I was really curious what it had to say. I hope you enjoy this interview with money as much as I enjoyed doing it! 😉 
(If you need a mental image I want you to picture me and money on the set of Sesame Street. Money is represented in a big foam money puppet with sweet eyes and a little half moon mouth that flaps open when it speaks. You’re welcome for that image.) 😂🤣 😍 🥰 
Me: Sooo, hi money, thank you for joining us today.  I was wondering if you would like to share with us some ways that people can make peace with you (and with themselves)?  And find more freedom with you? What would you suggest? What do you want us to know? And what would you like people to know about you?
Money: Aww, thanks for asking Sunni. You know, people usually don’t ask me any questions, and I feel like I’m really misunderstood sometimes out there. So thank you for giving me this chance to speak my heart and clear the air.  
What I would really love for people know about me is this:
1. Let me be a means of support and transportation for you, let me help take you where you want to go in life. 
2. Let me be a friend to you, and be a friend to me. 
3. See me not as a pool or a pile, but more like an infinite river. Because all rivers lead to the sea, get absorbed by the atmosphere and rained down to spring up from the earth to start all over. Infinitely circulating the globe, and infinitely renewing and renewable.  
4. See that the source of me is not people, places and things. People, places and things are the CONDUIT of me, the channel through which I may flow, but they’re not your source. They can’t keep me from you. The universe is the source of everything, everything, everything… including me and you.  
5. That means nobody and nothing is your gatekeeper from me, even though I’ve had some really bad publicity that taught you that they were (and everyone believed it and has been operating that way for ages), it’s really time for that to change! 
6. How do you feel when someone holds onto you too tightly? Or needs you too much and puts all their power and well-being onto you like you’re responsible for it? You probably feel super restricted and like you want to bust out of there right? Yah, I feel that way too. No need to hold me too tightly, let me flow and help you express and be what you most love to do and be in this world, but give me space to express myself too. (sometimes that might mean I go off for awhile and you see less of me, but don’t worry, I’ll be back). 
7. And how do you feel when someone does the opposite and doesn’t hold you at all? Ignores you, or doesn’t really see you? Do you feel unloved? And like you might as well not even be there? Yah, I feel that way too. Let me know that you love and appreciate me, let me be with you and support you, but let me feel important to you too. 
8. Speaking of which, I feel like a lot of people want to closet our relationship and are embarrassed to admit that they love me, and are ashamed of it. I think someone taught them it was bad to love me? I wonder why? I just want to help people get what they need and want for their time here on earth. That’s why I’m here.  
9. People talk so negatively about me and complain about me a lot. I understand it, based on that bad publicity I mentioned before, but I sure wish they knew how much I loved them. And I sure wish they knew that if they spoke of me with more love, that love would uplift us both, and us all.  
10. Also, I wonder how you feel when someone tells you you’re too much, or you’re not enough? Not so great right? I feel that way too. Try not to tell me or other people that they’re too much or not enough, just make the choices that are right for you. Let me and others be what we ARE in THIS present moment, and invite us to be all we want to be in this world, and let YOURSELF be all you want to be in this world. I really just want to help you with that! 
11. Ask yourself how you feel about me, really? Don’t make any of your feelings about me wrong, no matter how negative. Honor those feelings completely. Like I said, I’ve had a lot of bad publicity! And that bad publicity has created a whole system that has been really oppressive because it was believed in. So give any bad feelings you have about me your absolute love and tell them you understand. Tell them you know it was that way with me back then, but that it gets to be different now. It was all a big misunderstanding. 
12. I do not make you or break you. I cannot do that! You are infinitely valuable whether we are together or not! Do not put YOUR value in me, sweet hearts. Your value is inherent, you were born with it and it never goes away. It does not belong to me, or anyone else, and I, nor anyone else, can take that away from you.  
13. Also, I would LOVE it if you could see me like sunlight, always there for you, whether you see me or not! Whether it currently has disappeared behind the clouds for a time and is out of sight, or is a sliver through a window,  or a full on bright shining day, that sunlight it is here pouring down upon this earth every moment, giving life to all the things that feed and sustain you on this planet, including fun and pleasure and joy! Or like air, circulating the globe infinitely and infinitely renewable.  
14. I would really like to be seen as truly limitless, and able to transform and shape-shift in many different forms and ways! I would like to be thought of as more flexible. I would like people to take me out of the box and get to know me better and get creative with me! That is the way I would love to re-brand myself these days, and thank you Sunni, for helping me do that. You are my favorite designer and art director! So I couldn’t think of anyone better to help me with this project.
Me: Wow, thank you money! That is so sweet of you, and yes! I will do my best. ❤️ 🤗  I absolutely love to think of me as re-branding you, I hadn’t thought of that before, but of course! Re-branding just means stepping into a new identity. Identities are really fun to play with because none of them are absolutely true, and they always can change.
You are so fun money, I really love and appreciate you! And thank you for teaching me so much about myself, especially for teaching me that I wasn’t totally powerless about you, but that my power with you was always in me.
Money: You’re welcome Sunni! I’m so glad we can both find more freedom together, and be more creative, and stir some things up!
Me:  😂 Me too! and I know this post will certainly do that! 😂 🤣
Me and money would love it if you told us if this helped you to experience money differently today. And we’d love to hear your creative ideas for how you’re going to enact one or any of these things!
💗💕 ​ ​ ​ ​
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