December 10, 2023

Not Cookie Cutter

Promotional graphic for featuring a stack of ornate cookies with embossed designs on a cake stand, next to a carved rolling pin and cookie cutters on a wooden surface. The text 'Not Cookie Cutter' is prominently displayed with the tagline 'Make more, doing less, being you.' A green cloth adds a contrasting background

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In the very early days of my business I decided I wanted to be like Apple or Tiffany, and take the position that I am a diamond in the marketplace. I don’t haggle. I don’t go on sale. I don’t early bird. I am not a frickin’ Denny’s. I am not an item at a flea market. Flea markets and Denny’s are great!! But that’s not what I am and not what I’m offering here. 
I loved Apple products but didn’t care for Tiffany’s just because I am not a fancy jewelry girl, and at that time Tiffany’s was way out of my realm of possibility anyway, but both are brands that don’t go on ‘sale’, they just stood wholly and completely in their value, and that is what I loved.
I took the position that I have a unique value proposition and that value sells itself. I decided I have no competition. There is no one exactly like me and what I do. And there never will be. And my work will sell itself by PURE RESONANCE. I will not compete or give my energy to competing, price wise or otherwise, ever.
I decided that those who see my work and are like “OMG I MUST have this, this is for me YESSS!” those are the ones who I work with – they are my people. Not because I decided it, but because I was just being me and decided what * I * wanted, and THEY DECIDED they were my people, for THEM, and what they wanted. For their OWN drives and their OWN reasonings. Which are none of my business.
Even though I had “no right” to take this position, I took it. Because, Apple and Tiffany had “no right” to either, other tech and jewelry brands exist! Similar products are out there everywhere, but they decided there was no competition for them. Period.
At the time I was a 20 year old with a baby living in a one bedroom house, and barely making ends meet! I had not visible “right” to feel that way about myself or take that position, but I I just decided to. I decided my work was special, totally unique, and that there was nothing like it, no competition.
Does Apple have competition? Of course they do! Does Tiffany? Yes! But they just don’t pay any mind to it. They take the position it doesn’t exist for them, because they are their own unmatched value. They do not compete. They just fully embody their unique value proposition, stay in their own lane, give all their focus to what they are doing, and they don’t defend it with specials and discounts or any of the games that others play to make it “worth it”.
The worth is absolutely apparent.
They stand in their unique worth. Period.
It’s an entire VIBE.
Same with me! There are millions of people who would not think ANYTHING of my work and would hate it! and hate Apple! And hate Tiffany’s! 😂 But the people who do not think anything of my work are not my people! That’s all. I’m not trying to “convert” people to my side…
I AM ON MY SIDE. Other people who are also on THEIR OWN SIDE, choose me. That’s it.
I am sharing this with you to illustrate that you are not for everyone, darling. You, and your work, is not for everyone. OWN THAT.
You are not going to be accessible or even desirable to everyone. OWN THAT TOO.
So it can stop owning YOU.
You are only accessible to the ones who have chosen and are choosing the same things that YOU are choosing. You’re choosing in the same direction, that’s all, and that’s what makes beautiful and mutually beneficial partnerships, and truly consensual and mutually valuable transactions! No matter how much or little you are charging.
It’s the same in relationships, if one person is trying to drag the other person or convince them, that is not going to be a very happy relationship.
Listen, not everyone WANTS or is DESIGNED to take the position that I took, or that Apple took or that Tiffany takes, and you do NOT need to be in order to be super successful!! Just LOOK at all the brands that DO go on sale, offer big promotions, and deals and do behave more like a flea market and they absolutely THRIVE. And serve people who need that! It’s a beautiful beneficial mutual partnership just the same as what I am talking about above. There are millionaires and billionaires in literally every type of business and every type of selling of work that is done in the world.
So it’s really about owning what YOUR comfort zone is, what YOUR souls resonance is, and working with that. Because it’s so important that you feel comfortable with it too.
I wanted to be a gem, far before I really felt I was one or had a right to be. I mean I was actively harming myself and hating myself in many ways back then, but I still felt that was the lane for me.
And because I chose it, that’s the lane I became.
That is NOT to say I didn’t have huge doubts, huge fears, and days when I felt me and my work were absolutely shit and that there was tons of competition and I would never succeed, or thrive, but at the end of the day I decided to hold my position even though I was facing all the places in me that feared the opposite. I faced them and I just kept re-committing to my decision. And then, that decision became my reality.
But for the longest time I did not or could not apply that same choice and mindset to this work of mentorship, art and writing… because I still believed the power to do so was outside of me somehow. Not anymore. And the tide has turned there now too.
My Work Sells Itself Course is going to help you embody your OWN true north and innate value, whatever that is for you, so you can sell your work at any price or in any way you choose, with greater ease and joy. 
So you can liberate yourself from the cookie cutter methods that make it feel like selling your work is a painful chore, and just shine as the natural gem you already are.
It is open for enrollment now, grab your seat, we start Jan 9th 👇👇✨
competition. They found that inner knowing that nobody could do what they do in the way they do it, and that energy spoke for itself.
‘My Work Sells Itself’ Course is designed to put you in touch with your own special sauce so you can embody the energy of someone who knows that your work is in a class of its own.
All the deets and prerequisites to join at link below
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