June 30, 2019

How Can I Have a Slow Life AND Have Money?


I was sitting in my chair the other day, doing some work and wrapping up a few things when suddenly the question popped into my head like a small quiet neon sign. It was seemingly out of nowhere, but I know better than that.


So I asked myself… “How can I have a slow life and still have the kind of money I want to have in my life and business?” 


I waited. And the answer rose up from the deep well of my being. You know those kinds of answers? The ones that feel like the absolute truth. Clear and shining, solid and firm, and yet somehow inexplicably light despite this. And the answer spoke, clear and calm and straight:


“Choose it.”


This was not my minds answer. This was my souls’ answer. Life’s answer (a word I often use in place of ‘God’ or ‘Universe’). I can tell the difference by now.


My minds answers often have a certain frequency of hustling to them, like a built-in low-lying panic and existential dread, if they had voices they’d be running around with their hair on fire screaming, “There’s no time! THERE’S NO TIME!!!


You can feel the bigger answers in your body. You feel the peace of them, the calm. Even when it makes no f-ing sense.


My mind chimed in… “Choose it??!  What about dates, times, methods, how’s, why’s, when’s, and who’s!?


The clarity replied,
“Choose it.”


My mind snapped back like someone in a dream who’s been shook awake. It sat in that clarity dumbstruck. Dumbstruck because how could something so terribly uncertain feel so certain? But it did. And I marveled.


I’ve had this thought before, but this was maybe the first time I truly, truly FELT it.


My mind understood, and added, “Choose it, yes. Yes. Just choose it and keep choosing it, every single day. Every single time you forget. Just choose it. Keep on choosing it. Keep choosing ME and my dreams. Keep showing up for it. Keep listening. Keep noticing. And life will show me the way.”


Clarity replied, in her wise old woman way, “Yes.”


Clarity’s not wordy. Often times infuriatingly so. She’s a straight shooter. She keeps it uber brief. But it often takes a LOT of words to find her. 😉


So if having a slow and more ease-filled life is what you’re craving, but money and success and so much ambition is also on your heart and wants and needs… these do not need to be in conflict. You do NOT have to choose between one or the other.  


Both/And, people. Both/And.


We’ve been taught we don’t have a choice on this one. You either get a slow life or you get money, you don’t get both. It sounds overly simple and it is because most people aren’t even aware they CAN choose that, and even if they did might not dare to for fear of what that might cause, or what they would lose or who it might upset.


Time for a paradigm shift. It’s not true. We prove it untrue by setting a different standard, by following the call to make that happen, and by doing the work to make ourselves free to actually RECEIVE such a gift and not let guilt and old shaming narratives undermine our ability to do so freely.


If you’d like to learn how to step into that freedom, and not just think but FEEL your OWN shining clarity, I’d love to have you join me.


Either way, I hope you keep choosing in your own direction. Because when you do so consistently, you will slowly but surely find the way. And the way will knock your socks off.


What I know to be true is that there is a time for swiftness and a time for slowness, but that the more that I choose in my own direction in life and business, the more “slow” that swiftness feels, because it’s in line with who I truly am instead of who I’ve been taught I should be. It’s far from perfect, but I keep leaning in.


I hope you will too. ❤️



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