June 14, 2020

How To Have Good & Do Good


If you are like me you may constantly struggle with your desire for prosperity and ease and joy and your desire to do good in the world and help and uplift other people and make a difference.


This struggle only happens because we believe there is a conflict between the two.


And that conflict started with beliefs that were instilled in us about money and success at a very young age that told you you could not have both things, and that wanting prosperity and goodness in your life has to somehow deprive someone else of theirs. This is the belief in scarcity that we’ve all been raised in and operated from all our lives. And this is what it’s led to.


So when you see all the pain and suffering in the world—which happens almost constantly and is being brought before our eyes in a major way in this moment in time—it brings up a bunch of uncomfortable questions inside you. Questions that are a review of your current and previously held beliefs, rubbing up against the NEW beliefs you are trying so hard to lean into. Beliefs that fly in the face of that old scarcity mindset.


But this review period is a BLESSING, so you can move through it and truly change those old beliefs, so you can stop inflicting pain on yourself and others by believing in scarcity, and start holding hope and expectation of the brand new previously unseen solutions just waiting for us on the other side of that pain, for the good of all humankind.


Those review questions might sound something like this:


1. Do I have to choose between money and love and true freedom for all?

2. Are people really good without being shamed into being good?

3. And if they do need shame to keep them good, don’t I?

4. Can it really be easy, feel good, and feel free?? 

5. Or must it be a path fraught with constant struggle and sacrifice?

6. How can I be free when others are not?

7. Is putting yourself first REALLY what’s good/best/right?

8. Why do I have these blessings and not others? I’m not worthy.

9. How can I have when others don’t have?


But now that I know the power of the questions we ask ourselves, and how life loves to answer the questions that we ask, I know how important it is that we begin to ask more constructive questions. Questions that we would actually like to invite the answers to!


And so I want to tweak those above questions, to start to invite totally different answers: 


1. How can I have both financial freedom AND love and true freedom for all?

2. How can I feel good and DO GOOD without shame?

3. How can I create and act from love, instead of shame?

4. How can I be easy, and feel good and free AND make a difference?

5. How can I help uplift and change the world AND have prosperity, joy and ease?

6. How can I be free and help others be free too?

7. How can I put myself first AND help and empower others?

8. How can I be grateful for my blessings instead of questioning my worthiness of them? And how can I be a conduit for more of them to share and spread?

9. How can I receive abundance in a way that helps others receive abundance too? (in any form)


Do you see how asking those 2nd set of questions invites and opens the door to a whole other set of possibilities?  And thus CREATES a whole other set of possibilities just by asking?


As soon as you ask the question the universe sets itself in motion to bring new answers, and create new possibilities we hadn’t considered before when we were too locked into our old beliefs in scarcity and fear. And we don’t have to figure it all out or know the answers to ask the questions, the new empowered reality begins to be born when you ASK.


So if you have a list of other questions you’re struggling with, I invite you to see how you can tweak those questions too, and ask a more empowered question that you would like to reveal the answer to.


Watch for the questions you are asking yourself that you would NOT want the answer to, questions that disempower you, such as:


  • what’s wrong with me?
  • why do they get to have it so easy and not me?
  • when are things going to change?
  • why can’t I ever get ahead?


Turn them around to questions you want to create the answers to:


  • What’s right with me?
  • How can I have more ease too?
  • How can I change things for the better?
  • How can I get ahead and help others get ahead too?


The truth is you CAN have good and DO good at the same time, there is a unique path to that for each of us, and when you ask “how” you will start to be shown the way… one little breadcrumb from the universe at a time. 


And if you want to work with me in doing that, and share the adventure together, I invite you to check out my Feast or Famine No More Course & Membership – so you can see that you don’t have to sacrifice your dream of helping others to help yourself, nor do you have to sacrifice yourself and your dreams for YOUR life to help others! You really can have both. And not only CAN you – for a truly new world – we MUST.






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