December 22, 2019

How To Rewrite Your Money Story


What if you could receive money in your business as easily as you receive your next breath?


Now before you roll your eyes 🙄 and throw this in the spam bin 🗑, hear me out!


What if what you did in your business was THAT integrated into all of who you are, that it felt as easy as that? Exactly as natural as that, because it is THAT aligned with your most natural self? But more than that, because you feel that worthy of money – as worthy as you feel of air.


Again… I know your internal alarms are blaring, but hear me out…


You don’t have to fight for air. Air is all around you. Our experience has not taught us that we have to fight for air. But our experience HAS taught us we have to fight for money.


Is there a CHANCE that you COULD have to fight for air – yes, of course. But you don’t spend your days and nights worrying about it. See where I’m going with this?


Yes I’m sure there are people who HAVE had to fight for air who DO worry about it. And they have to re-learn that air is here, and they are safe.


So how do you create a new kind of experience with money or air or anything?? By examining what you’ve believed “has to” happen, how things “have to be”, how “things are”, and exploring, redefining and rewriting those rules for yourself. 


Exactly as you would if you were in a dysfunctional relationship with a PERSON. You would examine why you are living in fear and feeling unsafe, and break free of your belief you “have to” do so.


This is just as true with money as it is with a relationship, or anything else. And yes, it can be just as hard to do, because of your conditioning.


But the really WONDERFUL news is that it is only that conditioning you have to work with. What you’ve been taught to expect, is what you expect, and it’s what you accept and think you just have to live with, in money and in life.


And when you’re taught to expect something else… “something else” appears.


Whatsoever you have been taught is “just the way it is” — SCRATCH THAT. Or at the very least, QUESTION that! I mean for god sakes, women were taught that being abused and mistreated was “just the way it is“, until that was questioned and began to change. 


We were taught that we just have to “put up” with the way we are valued, or not. And now we are being taught we absolutely DO NOT have to put up with it, and that WE get to decide what our value is and demand to be treated that way.




The “way it is” in life, is the way you make it. The way you decide to create it. To shape it. Might it take some doing? YES. But there’s only one way to begin.


You are a visionary. You are a creator. And you are the creator of your life.


So once more for good measure… what if you could receive money in your business as easily as you receive your next breath?  What if it could feel that pain-and-FIGHT-free?


Redefining your relationship with money and with receiving money is like digging a well. Yes, there is effort in digging it, yes there is set up, yes there are problems to be solved… but when you hit water, it’s there forevermore. A WELL of abundance, that is YOURS, and that you tap whenever you need.


Might the well seem to dry up at some future point? Maybe. But you don’t dig a new well!! You just dig a little deeper in the well you’ve already built, and you’ll always hit water.


We are taught that the power is outside of us. That other people and current circumstances get to dictate what we can and cannot do and who we can and cannot be and what we can and cannot have. But the power to create a new reality is INSIDE you, always has been, always will be, and it starts with a SINGLE STEP.


 Just the NEXT right step in front of you. It’s all you ever have to take.


But you DO have to take it. 


Will you take it? »


My Feast or Famine No More Course & Membership might be that next right step for you. The way to dig that well. The way to your lifetime supply of water… of breathing room and the freedom you are craving in your business and life!





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