September 24, 2023

Directing The Art Of Your LIFE

An image of a long outdoor path bathed in sunlight, overlaid with the text: Directing The Art Of Your LIFE

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As an art director in business for myself for 25 years now, I am so AMAZED at how I have evolved the basic tenants of art direction into a powerful teaching on how to create your most beautiful life. But let me back up and explain what I mean…
As an art director for a business, I am the visionary. I have and create an overall vision for the brand based on what I see and have intuited about the business and its owners.
It is the look and feel, yes, but it is way beyond that. It is the capturing, expression and shepherding of that company or individuals ESSENCE. Their spirit. And yes, businesses have a spirit! I help them find that spirit at the get go, and then continually help them to re-orient to where they are NOW, and NOW, and NOW (as this is always changing and evolving).
This is so subtle, this essence. It cannot be pointed to as one thing, but it is FELT as an overall presence. It translates to the viewer in an instant before the audience has even read a word. It is a unique radiance.
I then pass this base foundational vision on to the production artists and designers to work from that foundation, and to bring it further to life.
That used to also be my role in the past, but my decades of experience have brought me here to where I now DIRECT the art. Through rounds of iterations or alterations, I oversee it. I make sure that it is staying in alignment with the essence of who I know that person or business to be. I make sure it is not only reflecting their taste and aesthetic, but their voice, their feeling, their FLAVOR, if you will. I Shepherd that process and act as guardian to that message and that core essence and that businesses AIM and intention.
And that is EXACTLY what I now also do in helping people create and manifest a beautiful life and/or business.
Except instead of creating the vision, I simply help people like you, business owners or not, get crystal clear on what YOUR vision is, and what YOUR essence is, so that YOU can become the art director of your OWN LIFE, and direct THAT flow more efficiently. And decide what “look and feel” you want your LIFE to have!
Because once you have that vision, you can delegate a lot of the ‘hows’ more effectively, you can choose to stay and remain in only the parts of your life and work you love the most, you can collaborate with the universe and ask the seen and unseen for help, but you will be the DIRECTOR and DECIDER of what you want, what you’re creating, and what you’re bringing to life.
And you will learn to be the Shepherd or Shepherdess of that entire process. Making sure that you are moving powerfully and cohesively in the direction of your dreams, and not just moving in that direction but LIVING IN THAT DIRECTION, in your NOW! Living that out in your day to day, not just hoping to one day get there, but starting to live there NOW.
My work helps you do that, because it helps inspire you to get on your own side, get clear about what your own side IS, and to see where you are expending your energy in fighting things you don’t want, instead of simply CHOOSING what you do want or need, and going with that flow.
We fight what we don’t want when we have internal conflict about what we DO want. When part of us wants something and part of us really does not. Or is really afraid of that thing we want so much. Or is dodging potential judgements of us, or potential losses.
Soooo much energy gets expended on that fight that you don’t have your full self to pour into what you love.
I help you reclaim that energy. I help get it moving in the right direction again.Your direction! Your direction is the one that’s right for you.
This is why my work is so powerfully transformative. But you have to be ready to be honest with yourself, and to dig in to do the looking in the mirror that this requires. And I know that so many of you are ready for that.
I hope you give that gift to yourselves whenever you’re ready – if not with me, with the many other thousands of wonderful guides who do similar work!
But if you’d like to work with me, I thought I would go over my current list of ways to do so, and a quick summary of what and who that particular work is best for:
  1. Moth & Moon Guided Oracle Journey: When you know you are a powerful creator, but part of you isn’t 100% on board with that yet, but you are ready to powerfully inhabit your ability to choose and create your life your way. 127 Beautiful daily reminders of your power to create, and to inhabit more unconditional love for yourself. A 2 minute read to your inbox every morning to start your day.  $198 or 4 payments of $55
  2. Peaceful Prosperity: My most powerful work to date on how to get on your own side and get all parts of you in cohesive flow with your vision so it can come to life. Be ready to do some deep journaling, because that is where the absolute GOLD is gonna come from! For people who are tired of dodging and avoiding outcomes and ready to go all-in on the life that they truly and deeply love. Now offered as an 11 week course with plenty of time to marinate on the theme and prompts for each week. This one is gonna set you seriously free. $1127 or payment plan of $197 per month for 6 months.
  3. Deep Rest To Manifest: When you are honestly TIRED. Burnt out. Overwhelmed. And don’t even know what you want anymore. This one is a BREATH. A pause for your soul, and some spaciousness to rediscover yourself in a very easy, nourishing, low-key way.  $198
  4. Make More, Doing Less, Being YOU: When you need a moment to get super clear (or get re-clear) on who you are and what you want. This is AIM setting, using the TRUTH about what’s important to you. I will help you discover it.  $298
  5. Yummy Money Honey: Get ready to get super woo. lol 😂 This is a somatic journey, a meditative exploration, it’s very short and sweet and deals mainly with your ENERGY. Not your MIND. So for people who need strategies and a lot of mind stuff, this is not for you. This is for a literally kind of yummy, easy, body-energetics experience. It requires a lot of self trust and is for those who are pretty in touch with their intuition already. It requires you to believe that things can be easy/easier. If you don’t have any belief in that, this offering will piss you off. 😆 If the name is triggering to you instead of exciting, you’re probably not ready just yet. $298
  6. Fulfillment First: Private Podcast and 30 Day Finding Your Fulfillment Experiment! This is the easiest super low cost way to dip your toes into my work, tons of gorgeous content in their and prompts to get you moving in your most fulfilling life and business. You can pick and choose what you want to listen to or move through it all, your call. $33 a month, cancel anytime. I’m a bit more intimate and less ‘careful’ what I say in there (lol) so be prepared! 😆
  7. Untangling The Upset: a quick and soothing salve when you feel stuck, frustrated, or upset. This is a short audio download with a PDF. A quick journaling process, with a live example that I use on myself. Also a super low cost way to dip in your toes. $18 download.
  8. Releasing Attachment to Failure & Success: Shadow work time! Listen to me do ‘The Work’ of Byron Katie and get mega-real with some really awful judgments. In the end I set myself free by seeing the opposite of those beliefs, thus neutralizing their power over me and setting me free to do my work without avoidance. This is for deep divers!Audio download $22
  9. Feast or Famine No More: this course is retired as a live course and is now fully self-study. In fact I am going to be retiring it all together very soon as I no longer resonate with this material as the way I want to work moving forward. HOWEVER… this course could be for you if you are still very unsure that you are the creator of your reality, and you are into more mental therapy-style inner work. And if you still struggle with perfectionism and people-pleasing a lot. If you are still living mainly in your head a lot more than you’d like to admit, and you’re pretty skeptical about reality creation, this is a great place to start. You will see me at my baby days in all this! 😂 🥰 It is nearly 6 years old now and a lot has changed for me, but this course changed peoples lives, including mine! It is great for self-stabilization (and thus income stabilization) $1997 (pay over time using Affirm or Klarna at checkout)
For full details on any of those go to
See you next week!