November 22, 2020

If You Think You Don’t Have Money Blocks

If you think you don’t have any money blocks, or that you’ve “already worked on your money blocks”, try bringing some awareness to how often you justify the good in your life by mentioning the bad.


Examples of this could look something like this:


•  Telling someone you’re going on vacation, while also mentioning how long it has been since you’ve had a vacation and how stressed you’ve been so that they don’t think you’re a spoiled asshole for going on vacation. (I catch myself doing this still, and I teach this stuff).


•  Sharing a win with someone, but feeling the strong need to mention pain or struggle in almost the same breath (so they don’t resent you for your win and know you’re still suffering like everyone else).


•  Sharing something you bought that you super love, but then immediately needing to tell people that you got it on sale or cheaper than they think it is, so they don’t think you have extra money (because, again, they’ll judge or resent you).


•  ANY kind of explanation or excusing you feel you have to do where you feel compelled to mention pain, struggle, loss, hardship, hard work, or anything like it, in order to justify your right to have or feel goodness, or so people don’t judge, resent or try to take advantage of you.


•  Excitedly sharing about an upgrade you did to your house or life, but then mentioning what a nightmare it was getting it done and the hell you had to go through for it.


•  Declaring that the price of something is “outrageous!” or “ridiculous!” either because you’ve grown up hearing people all around you say this so you want to fit in, or because you really think so, but in either case are declaring to your own mind and to the universe that expensive things and you don’t mix. Which is fine if you don’t like expensive things, but if you do, is kind of a problem when you’re regularly telling yourself that you, and your taste, is ridiculous and outrageous.


Right about now you are probably thinking, “yah but I’m sharing those details because they’re true!”


And I invite you to ask yourself if there is any possibility that they’re being MADE true in your experience (subconsciously of course) by your declarations of these things as truths, or because if they WEREN’T true people would judge and resent you and/or think you had a lot of money (and thus dislike you)?


We have a culture that claims to strive for great wealth and success, and yet an enormous percentage of the population would be deeply ashamed of actually having it. Because it would feel like it would alienate them from other people. And that they would be judged, resented, and even hated for it, and we are wired for belonging in our DNA.


So this week, start to bring some awareness for how often you justify the good with the bad and “hard”, or how often you feel the need to, even if you resist the urge.


Because while you may think it is talent or worthiness that keeps you from the life you’re wanting, it isn’t, you are plenty talented and completely worthy of all manner of goodness you receive!


Your mind just wants to be, and hang onto, what is most familiar, and if the people in your world would judge you without these statements, then deep down you know you stand to lose that if you outgrow it, and it’s that belief that will keep you holding onto struggle… not any deficiency in who you are or what you do.


Do not get me wrong, we are not attempting to eradicate all struggle, challenge and/or hardship in our lives here… challenges are part of life and how our souls grow! It just means we are attempting to eradicate our EXPECTATION of and CREATION of unnecessary stress and dis-ease and to intentionally create more abundance and ease wherever we can—and less apology for it.


Awareness is healing though, so just bring some awareness to it and that alone will begin to shift this so that you can open up to an entirely new set of possibilities for yourself and life.


And, as always, if you want some help with this, and to take this to the next level and create greater fulfillment in your business and all areas of your life, join me in my Feast or Famine No More Course where we do just that »