October 30, 2022

What Are You Making It Mean

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I am going to share with you one of the most POWERFUL shifts available to you regarding money. Are you ready for it?  Read below and explore the questions for yourself and see what comes up.
So here’s a fact:
There are times in life when more money is going out than coming in. And there are times in life when more money is coming in than going out. The flow of money goes up and down, and in and out, and this is true no matter how rich, or how poor someone may be financially. The flow of money continually shifts. It’s just a simple fact.
The KEY is:
What do you make it MEAN ABOUT YOU when that happens? What I mean by that is, when more money is going out than is coming in, do you make that into a  problem about YOU? Do you make that mean something about you?
If so, what does it mean about you? What are you unwilling to be or be seen as? And can you give whatever those things are MORE LOVE?
What if you didn’t make that a problem about you? What if you didn’t perceive that to be a problem at all? Not about you, and not about the world? What if you just knew that sometimes more money goes out and sometimes more money comes in, and what if that didn’t MEAN ANYTHING ABOUT YOU AT ALL?
Feel into that.
And vise versa!  What if you didn’t make more money coming in than going out mean anything about you either? What does THAT mean about you currently? That you are “good” or “worthy” or “responsible” or “on the ball” or “in control” or even “selfish” or “greedy” if your mind goes to the bad place when there is more coming in than going out? 
What do you make it mean? Where did that come from? Are you willing to let it go now?
Are you willing to finally stop letting money define you and your worth?
Only those who are aware that they value their TRUE freedom and peace above all else will be able to do that. Because as long as you believe the money is more important than you, it will continue to seem to have a great power over you that you can never quite get full control of.
And you were not meant to ever have full control of it, you never have and you never will. Because you do not have full control over life. You have intention and you have the power to CREATE, but you do not have CONTROL. There is a difference.
And this is SUCH GOOD NEWS!!
Because it means you can never FULLY lose yourself in externals and neglect who you REALLY ARE. The inability to control life reminds you, that you are not the things you do, or achieve, or have, or be, or even appear like at different times in your lifetime, you are the thing that is AWARE of all those passing, changing, constantly morphing things.
You are the flow, not the shape the flow sometimes takes.
As most of you probably know one of the biggest (and HARDEST) steps in manifesting new realities in your life is the detachment step.
OY!! That “letting go of the outcome” step is so freaking hard for us humans, because we are trained we NEED TO HAVE CONTROL in order to be safe. Because we have been trained not to trust life or trust ourselves. So of COURSE it’s hard.
But that is why it’s SO important, because it’s the step that when we embody it, we actually embody and create a whole new world FOR ALL BEINGS.
But we can’t detach when we think we won’t be safe. So that’s the first step, to slowly but surely take small steps that cultivate an experience of trust and safety over time.
And perhaps now you are at a level where you’ve cultivated more trust in life/the divine for your always ultimate safety… but you’re still not willing to detach because of what that might look like in your life, and what that might mean about you. Because whatever that might MEAN about you, is what you’re currently not willing to love in you.
Like if you go for what you really want, and it doesn’t work out, and the money doesn’t come in to validate you or your choice, then it means you’re “stupid”, or “irresponsible”, or a “fool”, or a “loser”, or whatever else you judge yourself as when money doesn’t seem to be validating your existence with its presence.
But ALL OF YOU deserves love. And IS love, but you have to be willing to find that place in you. That place of unconditional love for all parts of you. And to feel that. It is a trust fall to be sure! A trust fall into the depth of love you really are.
When we find out what we’re letting money make mean about us, we get the keys to unlocking a totally different reality with money.
But not before we love the places that most need our love. They need our love so much more than they need our money!
Then the money can be actually EXPERIENCED and fully RECEIVED by us! When we’ve loved those places that are crying out for our love. Before that, it is like we’re always having to be on guard, we just LIVE on guard, even when we get or have plenty of money.
If you’re ready to live a truly defenseless life of love, joy, ease and abundance, in fuller and more complete trust with life, and with yourself, take a deeper dive into these questions and set yourself a little more free today.
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