October 27, 2019

It’s Okay To Hit The Easy Button.

There is a very insidious and prevalent myth out there about business, one that most people believe wholeheartedly, and because they believe it, they subconsciously make it true in their experience, which then re-affirms their belief and makes it fact, and that belief is that growing your business and making money is HARD.


Like, really hard.


Like super-duper-uber-hard. That you have to pour blood, sweat, and tears around the clock. That you have to be stressed-out and overwhelmed and overworked and then maybe SOMEDAY at the end of it all you can rest. That you have to constantly be doing, doing, doing, grinding, grinding, grinding, or worrying, worrying, worrying… and that there really is no other way to get ahead.


That’s just how it is. That’s reality. That’s what it takes.


This is hardcore religion for most people. They have watched other people in their lives do it, they have watched people from afar do it. They have watched the collective consciousness say it’s true and act it out, they have gathered every shred of evidence that that is fact, and they are repeating that pattern unconsciously, and not at all open to another possibility.


Because they do not believe it can be done. And perhaps they do not believe it SHOULD be done. They do not believe it can be easier. Or they do not believe it SHOULD be easier. That you can actually scale WAY up and work WAY less. That you can be valued more for who you are, and less for what you do. 


It is a shut door for most people. An inarguable fact of life to them. But it is not. It is just a mindset. A popular mindset, yes! But just a mindset


The current reality we are living in, and the current collective agreements we are living in, are the result of a past pattern, based on past conditions, and a past set of beliefs.


In other words, this current belief and reality was created by a mindset and then became the commonly accepted reality. And just as that one was created, a new mindset around this, and all the new circumstances and opportunities available in this modern world, has created and IS creating, a whole new reality.


A reality of ease. A reality where you don’t have to pour blood, sweat, and tears, where you don’t have to grind and work hard all the days of your life to sit back when your old and maybe enjoy it if you’re lucky. A reality where you get to have freedom and ease and joy NOW — AND — (not or) make the money you desire to make.


What was available to our ancestors was RADICALLY different than what is available to us in these times. What you had to do to make yourself safe and worthy and to get what you needed for our ancestors was RADICALLY different than what it is for us in these times.


Yes, there is still struggle. Yes, there are still limitations. Yes, the world is full of challenges, No’s, injustices, and seemingly shut doors in your face… AND … the world is absolutely full to the brim with infinitely new possibilities, opportunities and new and groundbreaking ways ahead.


And those possibilities?? Belong to YOU, my big dreaming friends. 


It is you, the dreamers, the creatives, the visionaries… you are the architects of a whole new world. You think you are just creating your own world when you decide to do things differently than the collective script, and you ARE, but you are also re-writing the collective script for the future of our entire world.


You probably don’t think you’re that important, but you ARE. You probably don’t think that you trying to find and create more ease in your life AND have the money you want to make, is some groundbreaking new world creating thing… but IT IS.


You choosing another way, when everything and everyone around you seems to say it can’t be done, is a REVOLUTIONARY ACT of courage.


Going against the collective norm and the accepted “way things are” and attempting to create new experiences around old rules WILL BE FROWNED UPON by some, just as all other attempts to stray from any norm are. But if you are willing to put your own feelings and vision above what other people think of you, you will do it.


You will create that new reality, and in doing so, you will open a door that many thousands or millions of people will walk through after you. 


By far the “hardest” thing about doing this will be the emotional shit storm you have to sometimes work through, in coming to own your WORTH and TRUST YOURSELF, even when others doubt you and don’t see your way.


That is the “hard” part. The work itself can be easy. It can be pure joy. It can be any damn thing you determine you want it to be. You just have to start with the ideas.


The ideas that have created your current reality (such as work is hard and more work is gonna be harder and making money is hard and more money is gonna be harder, and the hundred thousand other beliefs around this stuff), are NOT the ideas that are going to create your NEW reality.


All realities, including this very real one, started with an idea. When you cultivate new beliefs about yourself and your place in this world and “how it is”, you cultivate new life, for yourself, and for us ALL.


It takes time to re-wire your wiring though, it took you all your life to be trained in the beliefs you currently believe, and it will take continual dedication to re-wiring that wiring to create something different. And if you’re looking for help with that, then I highly suggest you start right here »


And if you think I’m just trying to sell you my course by saying that, you bet your ass I am, because I’ve seen the incredible power of this work in my own life, and countless other lives, and I would be a real a-hole not to try to share what has given me this level of freedom, healing, and abundance in my life, with you.


All this to say, it’s okay to hit the easy button. There are just some stories and patterns in your past that you need to work through and see the root of, so that you can hit that easy button without beating yourself to a pulp for it, or just moving the “hard” over to other areas of your life and sneakily still jumping through hoops to prove your worth (*raising my own hand over here* Guilty!!).


So, my freedom-loving lovely… what is just one step you will take TODAY to commit to your vision and allow yourself more ease in your business?? I’d love to hear in the comments, and of course, I’d love it even more if that step was joining us in FFNM!






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