June 13, 2021

Money Myth Busting II


This week we’re picking up where we left off last week, with more money myth busting. And like last week I’m trusting you will find many more examples of these myths busted on your own when you begin to look for them and consider a different view. So without further ado…



5. Money is the source of all evil. (i.e. is bad or unspiritual)

No. The source of all evil is the belief in separation and thus the belief in limited finite beings who are all competing for their slice of the limited pie of scarcity. It is the belief in scarcity and the fear and competition and aggression and manipulation and control that that belief breeds that is being pointed at in this phrase, NOT the money. The money can be swapped out for whatever it is two parties are fighting over — land, power, resources, even relational love, etc. So money is not the problem and never was. If two people fight over the love of a woman and do horrible things, nobody says love is the source of all evil. Yet when the same is done over money, money is pitted to be the problem. The belief in scarcity and the perpetuation of scarcities lies is what drives fear and greed, and horrible acts, NOT money. 



6. The pursuit of money is unspiritual or materialistic. 

Literally everything is spirit (consciousness, god, the universe, life, source, energy, whatever you like to call it, etc.) including money and “the material”.  YOU are also “the material”. Everything in the world of form is “the material”. This is the material world. (Anyone else hearing Cyndie Lauper right now?) Nothing is not spirit, and all has its place in the play of life/spirit, including money and the things of the material world. The purpose of this phrase was created many thousands of years ago to encourage people not to put money and the material ABOVE who and what they really are, and THAT point still stands as valuable and true! But you can value money and the material alongside that knowing and AS your very self as life/spirit itself.  The original phrase and belief has become utterly distorted from its original purpose and is now being used as a power play of its own, making “more holy and righteous people” who then look down upon other people and make themselves better-than or superior-to and think that THAT is spiritual. As IF! It’s just more separation. Everything is spirit and you can find spirit in EVERYTHING. 



7. If you have or get a lot of money, something bad will happen to you (like an illness, or a death of someone you love, or the loss of your relationship) to ‘balance it out’.

This belief comes from the “you can’t have it all” belief. That if you have too much you will get punished by a mean and vengeful jealous god/universe. It’s total hooey, but many of us believe it because it is so deeply ingrained. People love these stories and they sensationalize them in the media, like lotto winners who then suddenly had horrible shit happen to them, not knowing that it is mainly because those people had this belief running in the background! That something bad MUST NEED TO HAPPEN because they can’t have it all, and subconsciously create a lot of pain simply expecting it to happen. But the truth is you can look around and see many examples of people who have money AND love AND health AND success AND personal and creative freedom all at the same time. (I should note however that when you have this belief you will have trouble finding examples! Because your blinders of your belief are on! But if you look, you will find them.) And the even deeper than that truth is that EVERYONE is susceptible to loss, illness, death of a loved one or relationship, money or otherwise… no one escapes the impermanence and changefulness of life, and no one escapes that life will and does CHALLENGE YOU to grow on the journey of your heart and soul. But that does NOT mean that you cannot thrive in every way and have all of those things all at the same time, even as challenges arise and you learn and grow with greater gratitude, ease and joy. As your belief in this disappears, and is seen for what it is, the evidence of the opposite will grow. This belief is built on guilt and shame. We make ourselves feel better when others have things we don’t have (like money) by telling ourselves that they probably are hurting somewhere else because of it, which comes from feeling shame of not having that thing ourselves. And then if we DO have that thing we then feel guilty for having it, and fear we might be damned/cursed because of it, which is still shame just with a different costume on.


8. Caring about money or pursuing money is selfish.

Well, sure… but so can caring about or pursing LOVE. Or caring about and pursuing charity! People pursue those things from purely selfish motivations too. People do a lot of things from a LOT of different motivations, including selfish ones. But money can and IS used to serve love in this world just as much as it is to serve pure self-interest – AND – even when it IS used in pure self-interest it STILL goes out and benefits the greater good (in most all cases). Here’s how: even when someone is using their money only on things they are wanting to experience in their life, that money goes right back out into circulation into the global economy by everything they purchase for themselves. So for example, Joe Schmoe could care less about sharing the wealth and just wants to buy the best food for his personal chef to cook him. But the money spent on the organic goods pays the farmers who are working to make that change, and the personal chef who’s making a living at their passion, and the Whole Foods market who donates millions of dollars to charities every year. See? When people create wealth for themselves, that wealth is shared – yes, more so if that person has an intention to share wealth in their own ways – but even if they don’t, they ARE indeed circulating and sharing wealth. True wealth consciousness knows that the more money you have the more there is to share and thus the more there is for EVERYONE. NOT caring about money or pursing money is often just as selfish, so that people can feel morally or spiritually superior to others. Egos do a lot of funny things. The truth is caring about and pursing money is whatever you decide it will be. When you care about and pursue money you circulate money to your loved ones and far beyond you, even when you’re not trying to. And it’s a personal choice, some will care about it, some won’t, and that is built into your own souls journey and free for all to decide.



Stay tuned as I’ll be continuing this money myth busting next week – and if you like these and would like them to continue, please feel free to share a money myth you’ve heard or believe and would like me to explore.



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