April 28, 2024

Uncharted Waters

The image features a sailboat with red sails on the open sea, captured against a beautiful sunset. The sky is a mix of warm hues, and there's a prominent cloud that stands out against the vibrant backdrop. On the boat, there appear to be several people, suggesting that this might be a recreational or sightseeing trip. The foreground includes a glimpse of a rope, likely part of the boat's rigging, which adds a sense of being on the deck looking out. The image is overlaid with the text "UNCHARTED Waters" in a bold, cursive font, and beneath it, a tagline that reads "MAKE MORE, DOING LESS, BEING YOU." At the top left corner, there is a URL: "sunnichapman.com," indicating the creator or associated website. The image evokes a sense of adventure, tranquility, and the philosophy of enjoying life's journey.

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We are all navigating uncharted waters these days, and in truth, we always have been. Throughout history that is what life is doing, at all times… forging ahead into uncharted waters, in search of the fresh and new. In CREATION of the fresh and new. But some of us are of the kind that does not just get unwillingly pulled along for that ride, kicking and screaming… some of us set out with intention and forge and CREATE the new, and want to be an active participant in that.
And as a creative or transformational being of any kind you absolutely LIVE for these discoveries, either in yourself, or in the world around you. Either through your art and creations, or through your experience of knowing and BEING yourself.
It is the wind in your sails, and the open possibilities out in front of you… and it is absolute MAGIC to you. ✨ ⛵️ 🌊
And it is not just the discovering, but the SHARING of that discovery once you do. I think that all artists and creatives of any kind do this, we feel this pull into the unknown and so we go there, and we are delivered something incredible out of that realm, and it is the most incredible thing to receive that, and it’s almost as if it will not let it’s grip on you go until you share that receiving with the world in some way, shape, or form, and when you do… it’s like you can breathe again.
Like something inside you, something primally deep, has just relaxed knowing it has done its part in passing on the gift that it was given.
These days I notice there’s a lot of talk about how it should be enough just for you, that just your enjoyment of discovery of it is enough, and that is true! And it is an essential part of it. But I think sometimes that can get twisted into some suppression of that innate and primal soul urge to pass along that gift, in the very same way it came to you.
It’s like you find this treasure and you’re like OH MY GOD I have to share this! I cannot be the only one who gets to FEEL this! ✨
That is what I feel about my creations anyway. I feel so incredibly blessed by them, so incredibly surprised and delighted at what I discover through them that I simply MUST pass that on in the hopes that others may experience that gift just as I did when it came through me.
As creators of the new we are constantly setting out into uncharted waters, navigating the unknown in search of new beauty and delight, to treasures that call us like a song on the wind, impossible to ignore and to resist… to discover our power to UNITE with the thing we’ve aimed for.
And yet, like all sailors in unknown seas, there will be storms, you will get rocked to your core, you will want to turn back, you will beg for the safety of your known horizons, you will doubt everything you thought you knew or wanted to do… 🌊 ⛈ 🌪 🌀
and it is in those times that you need to access the part of you who KNOWS, even as you’re in the UNKNOWN. To expand your trust in yourself and life/god/universe/source/spirit, to anchor deep and keep your course. Knowing that you will be delivered.
And when you do, you will be struck once again with the power of your magic and connection within, and that is the joy of your life! 
It’s why you do anything, behind all calls for treasures, money, success, and recognition or any other thing, is the deeper call into your own ancient joy to know and share who you are with all existence. Whether that is just in small and quiet ways in the every day, or big and grand ways and adventures, it’s always happening.
If this is you…
then I invite you fellow explorers to my brand NEW Results Not Typical experience for creators of unprecedented things. We will be expanding into that trust and inner knowing and deepening in your power to create things yet unseenwe begin Monday April 29th, all inner-travelers are welcome, we will be exploring for 4 weeks, you will get one audio/video per day each week day, some will be just a couple minutes, some will be longer but none longer than 15-20 min. It should be very easy to fit into your day, there’s no call times to show up to, take it at your own pace, and ask questions anonymously through an anonymous form for Q&A.
There will be a very short energetic component at the intro of each to powerfully center you for the inner explorations and to work with your energy field a bit before we dive in. If you have questions about it, feel free to reach out, I cannot WAIT!! ❤️  My newest creation is always my favorite creation but THIS IS MY FAVORITE CREATION. lol 😂 Until the next one that is. I’ll see you there!
And if that’s not for you, have a peek at the grid below and see who’s calling ya… 👇 ✨