September 21, 2019

Reconnecting Money To The Heart


You may know that money is a symbol of power, but you may NOT know that money can be a symbol of YOUR power. And as such money can be a calling in your life… a calling to reconnect with that power when it’s been lost or wounded.


For me, it’s been exactly that.  A calling in my life to reconnect with my own bounty, my own abundance, and my own sovereignty.


A calling to reconnect and restore my power to choose, to have broader choices, and to create the experiences and opportunities I most wish to have in this one life of mine.


Because that is what money can do.


But we’ve got money all twisted up in our minds and culture, as something that is the opposite of love. Something that takes away from love and peace, ruins love and peace… instead of FEEDS it.


But money is not what threatens love… it never was. Fear does. Fear breeds scarcity, and scarcity breeds war. War inside, and war outside.


That fight is nothing new, and it’s been fought just the same over food, and ideas, and water, and who you love, and all manner of innocent things! … just. like. money.


Money feeds and nourishes, shelters and protects, uplifts and sustains… just like all those other things do! It buys time and freedom, and care and nurturing. It is GOOD, and it is good for you to have it.


And this may pain you because you have kept yourself from money. You may have buried your desire for it so deep, that the mere mention of it triggers you.


You may have held it at bay, or at least at arms length – whether practically or just energetically. And of COURSE you did… why wouldn’t you when money has likely made you feel POWERLESS for all the days of your life?!


Maybe you felt powerless because there was so little and you watched people struggle with that, or maybe you felt powerless because there was lots, and you watched people struggle with /that/, but in either case, powerless just the same.


But it’s time to reclaim your power.


It’s time to de-shame and reclaim what you have lost… money is just a symbol of our sovereignty. It’s one way that we can take back leadership of our OWN  LIVES.


What do you think it does to your life and business to have this push/pull relationship with money? Something that is literally central to your ability to survive and to THRIVE?


Money is something you’re already married to, whether you like it or not, because it’s part and parcel of our world, so working to make that marriage one you feel totally loved, supported and uplifted in, is certainly worth the work!


You can heal your relationship with money, because you are definitely already IN a relationship with money, whether that’s a good feeling one, or not. And by doing so, you heal yourself too, and all areas of your life are touched by that healing!


You can truly, and deeply, step out of SURVIVAL. You can truly, and deeply, THRIVE.


You just have to reconnect money with your heart, and with love, and with freedom, and disconnect it from the old paradigms and bad feelings that keep it at bay.


If that sounds good to you… if you’re feeling that call… there are many, many ways to do it, but my Feast or Famine No More Course is a great place to begin to create the life and business you’ve been dreaming of.


Dive right in at the link above, or get my free How To Own Your Worth To Own Your Wealth Guidebook, right here.


And three cheers to the end of your “just surviving”, and the start of your stability, plenty, freedom and thriving!







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