October 23, 2022

Set For Life

Butterfly on a beautiful blue flower and text over: Set For Life

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Try this daily affirmation on for size:  “I am set for life. I have everything I need, and more, and always will.”
Put it where you’ll see it often. See how it feels. Remind yourself of it when you’re feeling you are definitely NOT SET FOR LIFE (that’s when you need it most!).
Does it feel untrue in the present moment? For 99% of us the answer is usually YES. Or does it just feel untrue when you think of the future—meaning 1 day from now, 1 year from now, or 1 minute from now?
Does it feel untrue in the absolute present moment? Or does it just feel untrue when you step OUT of the present moment?
Find the ways it is TRUE right here and now in the present, how are you “set” “for life” in THIS moment? Take that out of the traditional boxes of thinking, and challenge yourself to come up with how you are SET FOR LIFE in this moment.
This requires you to be willing to be RADICALLY PRESENT. But I challenge you to do it just the same, because it’s extremely powerful to do so.
And if you’re REALLY brave, try this one on for size: 
“Money is no object.”  😳🤯🫣🤨🤔🧐😯🤭😍💓
How triggering is that on a scale from 1-10? 😆😂 I started playing with that one last year because I wanted to affirm to myself that I do not experience or feel or see money as an OBJECT (meaning: block) to the things I want in my life.
I experience, and feel, and see money as a welcome SUPPORTER of the things I want in my life. In other words it’s not a stone in the way to my desires for my life, it IS the way. It’s one way.
But this is not how I was raised or trained, and it’s not how most of us were. So it requires commitment to shift this perspective.
And so I wanted some rather shocking language to help me re-wire my brain from a phrase that,  growing up, I never imagined I would ever be able to use.
But I WILL be using this phrase out loud in my life, and I am using it now too, as a practice and a reminder of the reality I intend to create, not just for myself, but eventually, maybe even if it’s hundreds or even thousands of years from now, for ALL BEINGS. 
To me, “money is no object” is simply a way to remind myself that money is not in the way of me living the life I want to live and EXPERIENCING what I choose to experience and FEEL in my life (even if I THINK it is or it SEEMS to be). It will not be an object in the way of that, because I will not make it an “object” in my mind. Because it’s not a block, it’s just a WAY. One way of many ways that things can come into my life.
So play with those, see how they feel, write down what comes up, take it to your journal. See what objections your mind has, and then see what your heart and soul has to say about it.
They just may have some wisdom you hadn’t considered yet.


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