July 18, 2021

The Intelligence Of Silence

White and pink flowers in the background and text The Intelligence Of Silence



This world puts a low price tag
on the value of silence,


at best it is seen as a means to
calm down.


As if this quiet has nothing
to give but peace.


But there’s a vast intelligence
in that silence,


intelligence that will saturate
every cell of your being,
without saying a single word.


Like a sunbeam that says nothing,
but synthesizes everything,


nourishing and growing the
trillion things.


Absence of word or thought
does not mean absence of genius.


Intelligence far beyond what any
mind could ever understand is contained
in the mechanics of one breath…


one leaf… one instant of 
feeling great love.


Do not discount what you can
receive out of silence.


You think it’s a fast,
but it’s a