March 8, 2020

Their No Is Your Yes


If you’ve been in business long you’re no stranger to No’s showing up from clients and customers or potential clients and customers. And you probably are mostly un-phased by them now, at least relatively, because as we all know when you first start out in business every one of those no’s feels like an axe to your dreams. But then you figure out it’s not personal and there are just right-fits at right-times for you.


But as you grow and stretch to new levels this No-Phobia will arise again, just for fun. 🤡🤪😂


The reason this happens is because you’ve expanded your vision and your capacity to receive, and the results have not yet caught up to where you are in your body and soul. They WILL, but not before you demonstrate that you mean it.


And how you demonstrate that is simply by STAYING WITH YOURSELF in your YES TO YOU and your vision.


But this is of course WAY easier said than done, because making decisions based on scarcity is a life long habit that feels right and safe and good, but making decisions from abundance and trust is a whole new skill you’re still learning, and you haven’t got your sea legs yet, that’s all.


Making decisions based on vision and abundance will scare the F-ing pants 👖 off you because scarcity says: “take what you can get! Take everything you can get! Survive, bitch, SURVIVE!!!” (I may be being slightly melodramatic, but not much)


Whereas abundance says: “This is what I want, and I’m claiming it. There is enough for me, and everyone.”


And while you’re jumping that gap from one to the other, you’re going to get some “No’s” that are going to feel like a no to your dream. But they are NOT.


They are not a no to your dream at all. Just a no for that person or situation. And the truth is their NO is your YES.


Their no is saying: yes this is your vision, and we are not a match to that. 


Their no simply makes room for your YES. Their NO clears the space for YOUR YES to come through. And it gives you the opportunity to stand with yourself in those hallowed halls of self-acceptance and love and say: “I’m still here with ya honey. I’m not going nowhere.” ❤️


It’s a practice. An unlearning of saying yes to others before YOU. A practice of not immediately abandoning your own yes to meet and fulfill someone else’s. A practice of letting their NO, still be your YES to you, and not moving into your own NO to meet their yes! (is this getting confusing yet? Stay with me.) 


The more you own your YES TO YOU, the more yeses to you you’re gonna get.


And before long you’re gonna be so well versed in YES you’ll be like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally going to YES-Town over breakfast. 😂 (you know the scene)


You’ll be taking your damn self to the finish line, girl.
Like a boss. 😂🥰💞❤️👑🦄✨


You don’t need to manipulate their no into a yes. Just stay with your yes, and the people for whom that is ALSO a natural YES will pour through.


You got this mama. 👊✨




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