April 11, 2021



There is an absolutely insidiously underrated part of the process in your journey to your dreams come true for your business and life, and that is the BECOMING of who you need to be to hold that dream.



The reason I call it ‘insidious’ is because almost nobody counts this part, our culture and society and therefor 95% of the population does not count this part, it does not celebrate it, it does not even RECOGNIZE it.



It just pronounces “they arose from obscurity! they made it over night!” after the external success has been achieved… and it is total bullshit, and will make you think you are crazy.



Our culture celebrates external successes ONLY, and not all of the INTERNAL successes that had to happen along the way before ANY of that external stuff showed up.



If you ask those people who did those amazing things, and were then pronounced to have ‘made it’, they will tell you that there were many years spent in the spin cycle of life BECOMING that person who could hold that next level dream, even though they could not have recognized that was what was happening at the time. Those are the people who know how it really is to follow your heart, and they will tell you that at that time, they just felt lost and uncertain, but something inside kept them going.



There were things that had to be realized, things that had to be healed, things that had to be shifted and moved inside and outside, and dragons that had to be slayed. They were being prepared for the role they’d need to play in countless ways that all came together in right timing.



I share this with you because there is a part of your mind, the critic part of your mind, the one that has been conditioned by this society we live in, that will scream at the top of it’s lungs at you: “You NEED to achieve something or show something external that people can SEE in relation to this dream right NOW!! Otherwise it’s a complete waste of time and it is not working, and you need to stop living in a fairy tale dream land and just follow the straight and narrow path!!!!



And unless you recognize that that is the voice of your societal conditioning and NOT the voice of your heart and soul—who knows better and knows better ways than that old model—you may abandon yourself and your dreams when that voice comes up.



Of COURSE that voice doesn’t value the becoming, because the whole world around you doesn’t either. Of COURSE that voice doesn’t see how what you are doing and going through now IS the very thing that is making that dream come true! Of COURSE that voice doesn’t see that your investment in YOURSELF and who you are growing into NOW is the very thing that will carry that dream into creation. 



It cannot see that, because it has been raised to PERFORM, not to create. Not to simply BE who you already ARE and let life move you and continue to shape you in the infinite ways it does.



I remember Amy Schumer making a joke about how the media reported “she was an overnight success” and totally discounted the 10 years prior she’d spent getting there. The “getting there” was a series of life events, that all boil down to just her becoming a more resilient, confident and embodied version of  who she already was… she was becoming someone who believed-in and loved herself, despite what the “world” had to say about it. And when she did, “the world” loved her back. And she was able to deal with the other half that didn’t, without it taking her out.



In truth, it’s more like an un-becoming. An un-becoming of who you never really were, and a becoming of more of who you actually ARE, but this time without guilt, shame or apology, and with love for yourself just as you are and were born to be.



It doesn’t matter whether your dream is of a quiet, simple, joyful and creatively fulfilling life, or if it’s big fame and star dust. It doesn’t matter whether you would like to create millions or just a stable income and more freedom to do the things you love on your terms—in either case there is a process of becoming that needs to happen, and IS happening already, if you are reading this post. 



Anything and everything you want is absolutely possible for you. Your dreams were planted in you for a reason. When you follow them, you discover who you ARE. And deepening into that discovery is the most important investment you will EVER MAKE IN YOUR LIFETIME, because you are the one from which all manner of abundance will spring forth, for the rest of your days here on earth.



You are a creator! You have come to create the life you’re here to live. And the only limits to that are the ones you put on yourself. What you are moving through right now, whatever that is, no matter if that looks like anything the other 95% of society could recognize as forward motion or not, it is the work of your life and it MATTERS. Because YOU MATTER. Your dreams, your art, your expression, your desires, your simple  BEING in the world, it all absolutely MATTERS. And the other 5% of us get it, you’re not alone.



So make yourself a promise right now… that you will do the work to push through and remove those limits you put on yourself, that you will continue to do the inner work that it takes to make everything external in your life SO much easier.



This work does not need to be “hard work” or “hustle”, it just needs to be built in to your life in some way and prioritized, so you don’t fall back into the norms and abandon yourself and your dreams. We all have different ways of doing that, so just find and honor your ways and means.



And if you’d like some help with that, I would love to have you in my Feast or Famine No More Course, where we do that work at a nice and easy relaxed pace that supports you the entire year »