September 12, 2021

Allowing Ease & Joy

Woman's hand in grass and text: Allowing Ease & Joy

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How do you allow more ease and joy into your business, into your money, and into your life? 



It is a very simple process, which the mind can make endlessly complicated. It makes it complicated because it doesn’t believe that is really possible, or that you’re worthy of it, or that it’s allowed… and so it creates clever veils that keep you from seeing possibilities, even in your immediate environment.



The process is essentially this:



1. You Decide To. 
That’s right, it’s that simple, and it’s that obvious, so obvious in fact that 99% of people miss it. You must DECIDE that you want to allow more ease and joy into your life, with all the things.


2. Examine The Evidence.
You examine every piece of evidence that then comes up in your life that seems to prove the OPPOSITE is true (that you don’t get to have that in your life), and you feel & heal through that and re-affirm your intention that you DO get to have that, even though it feels the opposite in the moment.


3. Collect & Affirm NEW Evidence.
You’ve been collecting evidence for the opposite belief all your life, now you’re going to start to do the opposite. Start to notice and affirm every single time something IS more full of ease and/or joy, and give thanks for those things! This is you collecting and creating more and more evidence of the change you want to see, and soon enough, you start to actually SEE more and more of it.



Rinse and repeat ad-infinitum.



Every single thing that tells you that that will not work, and that that is not how “life is”, and that you are not allowed to have that, you just say to that voice, “thanks for your input sweet heart, but I will not be going that way, thank you.”  And you continue on with your intention with persistence and determination.



Every single time it seems too hard or too complicated or like it’s never going to happen, it is just the part of you that wants to give up on yourself and is terrified of change, and riddled with old guilt and shame that doesn’t even belong to you, trying to go back to its old familiar and known patterns. It is not the truth, it’s a tactic to keep you from creating change.



You CAN have a life of more simplicity, ease, joy AND abundance. It IS possible, and if you want it, it is yours.



Stay the course beloved.



Stay with yourself on the bumps in the road, there will be plenty, you’re not alone, but that doesn’t mean that more of all this goodness is not coming.



You deserve and are worthy of EVERYTHING good. And don’t you let anyone or anything else tell you otherwise.