May 12, 2024

When Will Your Choice Be Enough?

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So today I’d love to share with you the most simple but most powerful lesson I have learned in my 25 years in business for myself, and that is that:
My CHOICE to do a thing, is enough.
The INSTANT I go into “but why…” or “but how…” or any kind of justification for that choice, on any level, that is where the wheels come off the bus.
It’s temporary of course, the wheels will be put back on, 😂  but ANY justification that I am attempting to do around why I have chosen a specific goal, dream, intention, or thing I want to manifest will immediately grind the whole thing to a halt.
Because what I am doing with that is questioning myself and then defending myself. To myself! This is all usually going on in my head. Or perhaps I think I need to defend myself to ‘life/universe/god’ and justify myself to that, and in doing so have forgotten temporarily that I AM THAT/LIFE – so I am still just talking to myself, justifying my choices for myself to a power that I am temporarily believing is outside of me, looking down on me, and judging me for what I want.
But that is not the way it is, not in my universe, anyway. That is not the LIFE/God/Universe I know and love. That is not the unconditionally loving, tears of awe and wonder and joy one that bubbles up from the center of me like an unstoppable well of grace. I know what that feels like, and that judgement is not it. That is someone else’s idea of Life/God/Universe, someone else’s view of what love is. But not mine. That is NOT the love I know.
Whenever I am justifying a choice of mine or a desire of mine, and whenever I am saying “but why do I get to ask for that, or have that, when no-one around me seems to have that thing?!” and feeling guilty, there is a part of me that stops the bus…
Because sometimes it feels easier to do that, and throw my hands up in the air in resignation, than it feels to accept the simple truth, which is always:
That I get to have that, or have that that way, because I CHOOSE TO. Over and over and over again, I choose it. 
In the face of all opposition, I choose the feeling/experience I want to have over and over. I choose it and continue to choose it until it is real. 
I am **relentless** in my persistence and dedication to my choice. It’s as simple as that. And that is the only thing that has ever made anything I ever made REAL, real.
It is NOT an equal playing field in this earth life. It is NOT ‘fair’ by a mile. It is all over the place. But all anyone can ever do, is start from where they are with what they have, and choose from there. And choose again, and again, and again. 
We are made to believe that those choices are not powerful, or that we don’t have choices, but choices are the MOST POWERFUL THING WE HAVE.  And we always have them. They might be limited, but we have them. 
And again, we can only start from where we are with what we have, but we always get to choose. And they are the most powerful thing we have, they are more powerful than one could even begin to quantify. They literally change everything and shape our whole world, every single day! When I really think about that it blows my mind, it is absolutely awe-inspiring.
All I have ever done is choose what I want. Just choose what I want and keep re-choosing it over and over. Despite any and all appearances to the opposite. I do what I can with what I have from where I am.
And it’s enough.
It’s enough to move MOUNTAINS over time. I truly believe we could move those mountains instantly if we were ready, but we are so often not ready for those mountains to move, even when part of us IS,  and is screaming for it! Another part is screaming for it to stay the same.
So whenever my mind gets to asking those questions about WHY and about HOW, or when it gets to feeling guilty or like it is not allowed to want certain things in certain ways, and starts justifying those wants and needs, I just remind myself, that it is that way because I chose it, and I’m choosing it, and it gets to be that new way in the future because I choose it. Period.
And sometimes it looks like my choice is crazy, what right do I have to make that choice?! How can I say I want that choice when I have no evidence for that?! Sometimes it looks like my choice is impossible, and utterly delusional and naive. 
But if I do not stop myself to defend it or justify it, and just trust myself that what I want is purposeful, and that often that purpose will be 10 fold of what I originally knew it was going to be, and it will reveal its full gifts to me and the world later on, and I don’t need to know that at the beginning what those are… if I just trust that then I will come to fully understand the beauty and purpose of them when they manifest. And I will be shown that they were NOT crazy, nor impossible, nor delusional, nor naive, at all. They were quite sane, and totally possible, and utterly clear and wise beyond my years.
I couldn’t have known what they would become and how me wanting that would effect everything in such bigger ways than I understood at first, and I’ve seen that enough times now that I can trust that. And I am always blown away by how much more beneficial in so many diverse ways they are than what I originally thought they would be.
So when I stop trying to justify my choices and just CHOOSE THEM, everything gets WAY simpler, and WAY easier. And I come back to the simple truth inside.
It takes a lot of energy to fight yourself all the time. So when you reclaim that energy from the fight, it goes right back into the manifestation of your vision. 
And trying to justify things is an UN-WINNABLE fight by the way! Because there’s always both sides and you can always find supporting evidence for both sides of any argument, it’s un-winnable, so when you just retract your energy from that you get so much energy back to use towards what you are working on.
So if you’re hemming and hawing about ‘why’ and ‘how’ and attempting to justify your choice to yourself, to your source, or to others, maybe gently remind yourself that:
The answer to “Why?” is because I am choosing it.
And the answer to “How?” is BY choosing it. 
The choice REVEALS the HOW.
And when you do that, when you let yourself know that, something in you relaxes, it lets the more human conditioned part of you rest it’s fight, rest its fight to try to know WHY or HOW and to basically just kind of finally admit that it can’t actually know those answers completely or absolutely, EVER.
So it just stops trying to fill in those gaps, and lets those things be life/god’s/your own eternal soul’s  domain, so the human-you can relax into the power of your simple decision for yourself at this time.
Every time I do that, like really do that, everything shifts and changes so fast it kind of blows my mind. But there have been weeks, days, months and YEARS (YEARS!) that I have spent in justification and defense around some of my dreams and desires, but it’s fine, because I always get there when I’m ready to. It’s frustrating don’t get me wrong! 😂 But I always get there when I’m ready to.
And you will too. ❤️
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