September 25, 2022

Shifting Perspectives

Beautiful girl in elegant dress holding a basket, and text over: Shifting Perspectives

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So I just realized that I have a 2nd home and vacation home.
Not “got one”, not “bought one”, and not was given one, but REALIZED that I already have one.
Something that felt and seemed like only a pipe dream or a “someday maybe far in the future” dream, I realized I already have right in front of me.
This vacation home can be lake front in total seclusion, ocean front, beach front, or surrounded in a shady forest and birds, and all I have to do is decide which one  I’d like.
This vacation home has panoramic views from bed and from the dining room table, for instant water front or forest view dining.
This vacation home isn’t locked into one place or one piece of property either, it can go wherever I want it to go,  and I can change the views and the scenery on a whim at any time.
This vacation home allows me to carry that home always with me, so that wherever I am or choose to go, I am already home.
And if you haven’t guessed it by now, this vacation home is our RV. The one that I manifested many years ago, but didn’t realize was actually my vacation home until last week. That that dream is already true, except BETTER.
Better for who and where I am right now — which is someone who wants to see and experience new and beautiful things regularly, and often.
But I couldn’t fully see that until now. And that is the power of perception. That is the power of the shift in awareness when inner blocks to your abundance come undone and suddenly your perception opens up to see possibilities you hadn’t seen before.
Let me explain…
For a long time now the summers here in Northern California have been really  hard for me. And I have longed to move us much further north to the Pacific Northwest and find a waterfront, or at least water adjacent, home near to the forests, lakes, rivers and the sea where it is so much more cool, green and lush.
I love our Northern California Sierras with all my heart but it has been getting hotter and dryer here progressively, and my cool weather loving body and soul are not doing well with it, at all.  
Most people come alive when it gets sunny and warm and they go outside and take walks in that kind of weather… but I am just the opposite! When the weather gets really cool and wet and crisp or foggy, that’s when I LOVE to be outdoors and take my walks. And the heat and dryness has made it really hard to do this thing that I love and helps me thrive.
And after doing some deep inner work recently on releasing some attachments and blocks that I was carrying, suddenly I realized I don’t HAVE TO live here during the summers!! 🤯
Suddenly I realized I already have a home that I can take to wherever we want to be, whenever we want to be there. And that we can come back here whenever we want to be here. And that a bunch of different puzzle pieces to support this have already been falling into place for us over the past few years.
Suddenly I realized I didn’t have to hassle with home selling or home buying right now. And that when I am ready for that, it will come. Just the way THIS came. Effortlessly, over time. I brought this RV into being before I fully understood ALL THAT IT WOULD MEAN TO ME and BECOME FOR ME and my family.
I manifested this home on wheels way before I understood all that it would teach me, and all the places it would take me — both inside myself, and out.
I had no idea this RV would be a major player in the deepening of my love and intimacy with myself, my husband, the earth, and the divine. I had no idea it would be the solution to so many things I didn’t even see coming yet, like these hot summers. Like trying out different places to live before actually living there.
I just trusted my desire and my intuition that this was right for me — and against all odds, it came true.
You know, it’s funny, for a long time now, ever since the beginning… when we would go to the RV storage place to pick it up for a trip,  I would open the door and step inside and just start crying. I would just cry those impossible to describe overflowing of joy and gratitude tears, every single time, and I didn’t fully understand why or what was the big deal.
Now I know that it was because there was this deep well of understanding in my soul about the role this RV plays, has played, and will play in my life story, an understanding that my mind had not fully caught up with and could not fully grasp, not then, and not even now.
The RV is a symbol for how I take my home with me, always. For how I choose to live my life. Which is FREELY and according to what is calling me NOW (and now, and now).
And while I do absolutely love and need a more rooted home and space too, I finally realize I get to have both. I don’t have to do one or the other. Roots and wheels. Stillness and movement. Inner adventuring, and outer.
Even the WAY I manifested the RV into my life was extraordinary and not like I thought it would be or originally thoughtit to be, but now I see how it was all PERFECT and perfectly timed. But I only really see that in hindsight.
This RV has taken me through a process of major healing that needed to happen in order for me to be here at this place that I am now. The one where I have a six figure business that pretty much runs itself and I have a home in California and a 2nd vacation home that goes wherever I want it to be. The one where I get to share my truest of true loves with people —which is awakening to the indescribable beauty of who you REALLY are — and encourage people to follow what their authentic heart and soul’s true loves are too.
My former self couldn’t have IMAGINED this life. Not like this. Not in this way. She couldn’t have dreamed up the “HOW’s” that would make this all happen. She could NOT have planned that all out. She did not have enough information. She received the information only as she needed it, one breadcrumb at a time, in the NOW.
Often she didn’t even see how everything was coming together in her favor, until it DID. Often it looked like it was ALL FALLING APART.
But even that, was just more coming together!
I am so grateful I could cry (and do regularly!). And all I’ve ever had to do for it was follow my own highest truth and heart and soul whispers, and trust that and myself against all odds.
It doesn’t have to be perfect, there were so many times then and NOW when I think I am crazy, that I have lost my mind, and I am off my nut, and I am definitely doing it all wrong and fucking up my life and ignoring “reality”. But then I remember I create my “reality”, that my world is a reflection of my belief, and I act from my true north despite all my fears and doubts, and I find all the while, I am held.
This is NOT positive thinking. This is simply listening to what’s ACTUALLY true for you. And acting in accordance with that, even when you’re afraid. That’s when you’re living in alignment with your authentic self. And that is when you feel the flow.
I discovered recently I had not been listening to my truth and my authentic self, not fully. I had been trying to make something work that I thought needed to work or could only work in a certain way that my ego had in mind… and when I let that go and admitted the truth that I actually didn’t even WANT that thing right now, all of these puzzle pieces suddenly fell into place.
Like magic.
I realized when I am ready for the next big dream to happen, it will happen, and that I’m just not ready now. I don’t actually want it right now, right now I just want to be with nature and the divine, and my loves, and share what comes as it comes to me. That’s it.
The ego says “how the hell is that supposed to make you a living!?? how the hell is that supposed to make all your bigger dreams come true??”.  And the heart and soul says: “we’ll see.” ❤️💕
I didn’t know how the hell I’d get here, and here I am. So I suppose it’ll be in that same way. One breadcrumb at a time, in the here and now.
Stay with yourselves my loves. 
Keep following that north star of your hearts truth.
It will not lead you wrong.
That does not mean it won’t lead you through pain. Because pain is what needs your healing to get to where you want to be and FEEL. But Love will help you with that too, every step of the way with all that you need to come through it, all you have to do is ask.
And be brave enough to open up
and receive.
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