October 29, 2023

Creating Windfalls

Beautiful dry flowers in varying shades of pink and orange alongside two pumpkins, with the text 'Creating Windfalls' displayed prominently.

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Something I do a lot of in my personal life but do not share as much is experiment with particular words. I feel into them. I find out what they mean to ME (not the masses), and then I sink into them and get cozy and let them reveal more of themselves to me, and thus create matching experiences in my reality.
It’s super fun for me, so I thought maybe you’d like to play with me on this too. This month I have been exploring the word WINDFALL.
Windfalls to me feels like “ahhhh, and wow!” It’s like being filled up… quenched… satiated… it’s like a bigness coming in, and I love that feeling, because it’s EXPANSION. Which is new and so it feels thrilling BUT, and more importantly to me, it also feels  soothing at the same time.
So it’s not like a high-high for me, it’s excited but soothed at the same time with just a pinch of “of course”, which is an amazing feeling. The ‘of course’ for me is because it is like a wink from me to god and god to me. (and by god I mean: universe/source/creation/life/consciousness/insert your own word of choice)
Windfalls to me feel the way waterfalls feel when you visit them. Like you are just awe-struck by the abundance and the power of the flow, invigorating but at the same time very soothing to the body and soul.
Windfalls have never happened to me in the traditional ways like lotto wins or inheritances or something, but I have experienced many windfalls, both tiny and large, and all of them have been found because I dared to looked for them. I created them.
Some might say: that’s not a windfall then! But I disagree, the things I count as windfalls are things that I had intentions around but never could have predicted or planned exactly the ways or details of that manifestation when it actually came to be!
That magic of creation takes my breath away – and I live for that feeling!! You envision something that you are very unsure is possible and then it becomes possible and then totally NORMAL at a later point in time, that is just utter MAGIC.
That kind of magic is not a 10 step plan. It is a one step plan (set your aim!), and then a simple following of the breadcrumbs that then appear, one at a time. The breadcrumbs are the things that light up in your reality, and light YOU up.
Each one of those breadcrumbs is magic in and of itself, but then leads to an even bigger beauty at the end, which is just another new beginning of course. 😉
I’ll never tire of it! Such a joy! 💗 💕
So STEP 1 of creating windfalls is: AIM TO CREATE MORE WINDFALLS. (and remember that windfalls are something that feels like being filled up, it feels like expansion, it feels both awe-inspiring AND soothing at the same time.)
Then just NOTICE THE WINDFALLS THAT HAVE HAPPENED OR ARE HAPPENING. Notice what feels like being filled up, like expansion, like something full of awe AND soothing at the same time.
So this is me, deciding to notice the windfalls more, and the windfall that is this ticket to LIFE that I hold in my hot little hand, while I’m still here. 🥰
How about you? What do windfalls mean to you? What are some windfalls you have experienced and/or created?  You can create your own definition of windfall, and your own experiences of them anytime you like.
You are a creator! Have fun creating ✨
…and if you need help with that, you know where to find me »