September 27, 2020

Tending Two Realities

Here’s a question you may have had as you go about creating a better life with intention…




“How do I take care-of and tend-to the reality that I am creating in my vision, while also taking care-of and tending-to the reality that is in front of me now?


How can I give my faith and focus to the reality I am calling in, without ignoring or neglecting the reality I am actually looking at in the present?!!


Because I’ve noticed sometimes, leaping LOOKS like ignoring or neglecting the reality of the present, and a lot of times that leap CREATES that new reality… specifically BY ignoring the current reality, or rather—not ignoring it—but deciding to shift my focus on what I want and leap/trust anyway. BUT, it could also happen that the new reality is NOT created through that leap and/or attention to the what you were trying to create, and you just failed to take care of your current reality! So how on earth am I supposed to navigate that?????!!!”





“Is the goal to create a new reality, or NOT to fail?
Herein lies the crux.


If the goal is NOT to fail and to minimize all possible failure, that will most certainly limit your choices, and you will most certainly still not be completely safe (from failure), but perhaps more-so. And that is your choice and your freedom.


Do you resist taking full responsibility for your leap and its consequences? Do you try to make yourself safe from having to do that by coloring inside the lines? If you do, you will most certainly STAY inside the lines, beloved. But should you choose to leap and fly, and accept your own fallings as you grow the strength of your wings… you will SOAR.


Don’t try to resist the very responsibility that would set you free—the responsibility for reclaiming your own power, your own life path, and your own truth. That is what you’ve come for.”


This is the question I asked my higher self and guides, and this is the answer that came. 


And when it came I absolutely LIT UP because I knew it to be true in my BONES. You can try conversing like this in your journal with your higher self or guides too, you will be absolutely amazed at what you find there.


When I first started this practice I just imagined myself sitting at a kitchen table with a wise old woman figure making me some tea and listening as I expressed my concerns and would wait for her answer. This really helped me to tap into that energy, and though I don’t use that visualization quite as much anymore it really helped me tap into that loving wise energy at first. Give it a try, or use a visualization that feels good to you.


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