November 14, 2021

You’re A Lighthouse

Beautiful lighthouse on a rock in the middle of the sea, and text: You're A Lighthouse

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If you ever hear this voice …
“What the hell am I doing? Relaxing and trusting myself and my heart and souls path and timing??! How do I know I am not on some totally delusional trajectory? How do I know I’m not nuts for doing this, thinking this, believing this, being this, feeling this, and moving in this direction? What am I doing? What the hell am I even doing?! Is this “path” just some elaborate self-sabotage that I am engaged in? Telling myself that it is real? Have I lost my mind?!”
Then I offer you this voice in reply:
“No. THAT was some elaborate self-sabotage you were engaged in—that former path you’re now veering away from. The one that was stifling and suppressing your heart and soul in favor of external validation and a false sense of security. 
And you miss it. I know. I don’t blame you. The external validation makes it easier to follow your heart, doesn’t it. 
What happens when you don’t get it for awhile, however, is that you learn to validate yourself.
You grow in your ability to listen-to, attune-to, and follow your own true north. You grow in your ability to walk your own path and truth… and to love yourself through that. To trust in your own way, over the way of the world or of others. 
An inner stability grows in that garden. And the deepening of a more immoveable peace in you. One where you can watch, and even revel, in the passing storms of life.
It’s not that it HAS to be this way, but it’s the way your heart and soul has chosen. And it is time you honor that.
You are a lighthouse. 
A lighthouse is full of light. It emits light. It is a conduit of light, but it is built for times of darkness. It is built to stand and cut through fog. It is a beacon. A lighthouse may be pretty to look at when it sits on sunny shores, but that’s not its purpose. Its purpose is to cut through darkness, and guide you safely home.
What you are doing” is going the distance on this dream you’ve had, since forever. “What you are doing” is challenging the ways and norms of how things have always been done. “What you are doing” is tuning in to another life, another wisdom, another love… and another way.
And as you do this, you free others to do this as well. 
What you are doing’, is creating the life of your dreams. Not the one of proximity to your dreams, not the one that’s kind of like your dreams but doesn’t really feel like it. But the ACTUAL life of your dreams.
The one where you feel deeply in flow, as the flow itself, and in trust and therefor peace with yourself and life. The one where you are simply being YOU. More YOU then you’ve ever been before, and thriving beyond anything you thought was possible from that previous place.
That is what you are doing.
Keep doing it.”
P.S. And yes, you’ve lost your mind. You’ve lost the mind that told you that who you are and what you want for your life is not possible or not good enough. You’ve lost the mind that told you that if you played by the rules then you’ve be happy, and one day you’d be free. And instead, you’ve found a mind that is open, and choosing your freedom right nowAnd as always, if you’d like some help with that… you know where to find me »