December 15, 2019

You’re The Boss

If you are in business for yourself, then you are definitely amongst the percentage of the population that has decided to be the boss of your own life. You’re a free bird, a free thinker and you’ve got a fire in you to protect that at all costs.


And when someone tries to tell you what you can or cannot do, you probably snap back like this post image, ammIriiiiight??  I definitely do! 


But I’m actually grateful for those moments, because they remind me of something that I so often forget, even though I’ve owned a business for 20 years, and that thing is…


 I’m the friggin’ boss.


That’s right! You may sometimes forget it too, but you are the boss of your life and business. And so today I just want to remind you bosses of some of the perks of what it means to be the boss (in case you forgot):


  1. You get to say when, you get to say with-who, you get to say how much. (those of you who get the Pretty Woman reference are surely chuckling with me right now, but seriously)… YOU ARE THE BOSS and so YOU MAKE THE RULES! Who you work with, when and how is your call sweetness. 💃🏽
  2. You get to ask yourself for time off and GRANT YOURSELF that time off. You even get to grant yourself paid time off. (yes you’re responsible for how that will work, but you can do it, and you can make it work!)
  3. You get to ask your boss (self) for a raise, and YOU get to say YES, of course you can have a raise!! (and again, yes you’re responsible for how that will work, and how you can do it, but you can make it work! you can say yes to that and fully approve it, AS THE BOSS.) 💰
  4. You get to say what you will and will not do in your business or for the money, and what you will and will not offer. This refers back to numero uno, but you get to decide what’s not working anymore and what is working, and what you want to keep and what you want to let go in your business. Again… honey… you da boss. 👑
  5. You get to say what you CAN do, and what you CAN’T do, and nobody gets to tell you that but YOU! They are free to do it their way, and you are free to do it your way. Are you responsible for figuring that out then – yes! – 100%, but you CAN and if you are determined, you WILL. 👊
  6. You get to say HOW you get there. You get to set the pace. As they say the road you take to get there is the road you’ll arrive on, so none of the above means you have to choose, stress, hustling, sweating, grinding, jumping through hoops, proving your worth, or rushing. You get to choose and go your own pace. Heck, you can even choose to go two paces and alternate! It’s totally up to you. ⛵️


It is SOOOO easy to get stuck in a “let’s see if I can make this work” mindset as a business owner, instead of a “this is how I want this to work and I’m gonna make it work” mindset. It’s equivalent to a “my success, and the power, is in other peoples hands” mindset versus a “my success and the power is in MY hands” mindset.


It’s so easy to forget that YOU’RE the boss. It’s soooo easy to make NEW bosses out of other people, or “experts” or the industry, just when you finally escaped the old ones!


Is blazing new trails harder than taking paths already paved before you?? Yes, it certainly can be. But if that trail is shaped and molded around your own preferences and wants, then it will feel a WHOLE LOT EASIER than trying to shove yourself into a shape that isn’t you.


So when someone tells me what I can and cannot do… I am like like “don’t test me sucka! you WATCH!


If you’re like that too… don’t give it up. It’s your fire! And your fire is your creation energy. It’s how you break new ground on the life of your dreams. That takes fire! It’s how you build new roads and new pathways. It takes fire to burn down the old paradigms and build up new ones…


so set that fire free. 🔥


And join me and a bunch of other bosses in Feast or Famine No More!  Where you’ll learn how to make more money and have more freedom on your own terms. 




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