February 13, 2021



I used to not believe in balance.
Not at all.



Because I was the wave,
not the ocean.



Balance comes from knowing you’re the ocean.
It’s the only place that lives.



It’s not that there’s no waves.



It’s just that you know that whether a wave is building, cresting or releasing, it’s all coming in and out of you.



A deep stillness remains forever at the center. A fulcrum of inner quiet unfolding as all manner of emotions and experience.



You can know yourself as the wave,
and it’s an adventure…



It’s high drama. It’s action packed.
And it’s not a problem.



It’s part of experience. And not only that,
it’s part of the experience you came to have.



Balance is simply remembering you’re the ocean.



That you will not be built up or collapsed by whatever is happening.
You will simply be there for it all like an epic play.



The curtain opens and closes,
the scenes spill out in full color…
you are enthralled.



It is thrilling and frightful,
and everything in between.



A swath of red velvet falls.
A wave curls down in the abyss…



and there is dark and quiet in the theater.



So quiet you can feel the gentle stirring of the sand
upon your sea floor.



Balance is the still point between the exhale and the inhale,
between the curtain close and open,
between the waves fall and rise.



It can be a hard place to find sometimes.
And other times it will flood right up and sweep you off your feet.



Just know it’s there. Even when you can’t find it.
Just know it’s there, and it’s enough.



That sea is the source of every treasure…



and your beauty is a
fathomless deep.