June 19, 2022


Dandelion and the text: Constellations

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Your wishes are like constellations.
Distant and bright and far,
and yet visible and shining right from here.
Star seeds in the canvas of the sky of human evolution.
They are so personal to you, and yet,
every one of them will touch and affect all beings.
Even the ones that don’t come to fruit.
Because those ones just feed the ones that DO.
Similar to how a seed that doesn’t take root becomes the soil.
The soil for other seeds.
And just like real constellations, you don’t have to
worry where your dreams will go,
or how they’ll be held up.
They are held up by space.
The space that you give them.
and they will go where they’re meant to go,
in this great cosmic landscape.
This doesn’t mean you don’t have a choice!
It just means you don’t have CONTROL.
(and there’s a difference!)
But the good news is,
you don’t need it.
Life is a dance, and you are happiest when
you are relaxed and in trust.
You know it, and I know it,
so let’s cut out the middle man…
all the things you make the middle man
to being able to relax into that trust:
money, success, relationships, approval,
family, friends, strangers, and social media
and just come home to the truth
at your center.
It is your north star, and it will guide you,
it will be the nourishing space that tends
to your dreams…
and invites ones you never
Be at peace, beloved.
There is far more doing in your BEING
than your doing-ness self could ever do. 😉

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