December 13, 2020

Easy vs. Ease

I write a lot about creating more ease in your life and business, but I need to clarify the meaning of that and make a distinction between ‘easy’ and ‘ease’.


When I set out to create more “ease” in my business and life, what I meant to create with that was less struggle, less hustle, less doing, and more BEING. Less forcing, and more flowing. Less compromising, and more creating. Less fight, and more freedom.


On a deeper level, what “ease” really means is peace. The deep peace that you feel when you’re doing what’s in alignment with your heart and soul—instead of doing what’s in alignment for someone else’s. And there is simply no substitute for that kind of peace.


That is what ease means to me.


But that doesn’t mean it is “easy”. Easy gives the impression that NO effort is required at all. Whereas ‘ease’ implies only that less effort is required—OR, and as is the case with me— that certain things become quite literally ‘easy’, while other things are still deeply challenging.


What that has looked like in my life is that many practical external things, and the work itself, and what I actually have to DO has become in fact absolutely easy—easier than I could have imagined. But the challenges that come up EMOTIONALLY and MENTALLY as I grow into the mindset my next level visions require, have become more challenging (as compared to when I wasn’t challenging myself to grow at all).


Why? Because I have to do stuff I haven’t seen done before in my world, and it rattles me, and all the cages I believe I live in.


When I look at all of the challenges I have moved through, both past and present, I can see clearly that my external reality was actually always okay in each moment, and I was in fact held completely through all those times (even when it didn’t look like I wanted it to)… but my emotional reality ABOUT what was happening was all over the place.


This is because there is reality, and then there is our FEELINGS about reality, which are complex and deep, and powerful as all hell! 


But when you say YES to your dreams, you say YES to growing, and you say YES to that journey. What usually happens then is you begin to be supported more and more in your physical needs, which makes your external life more and more easy, incrementally, but you also get catalyzed into some mental and emotional healing and growth that needs to happen for you to go from where you are to where you want to be next.


Life has truly miraculous ways of supporting you through that growth though, however, and I personally have been absolutely BLOWN AWAY by the grace and magic of that in my life.


I have had numerous periods in my journey where I felt that Life was quite literally paying me to heal and become more of who I am. Times when the wheels came off, or I hit a major plateau or breakdown, and yet I still was provided everything I needed, and given safe passage through that time. Which in turn created my next level vision.


Having gone through many of those times over the years, I have learned, and am continuing to learn, to deeply trust that. To deeply trust myself, and trust life.


And the rewards for that deep trust are so far beyond anything I ever thought I wanted to achieve. The real gift is always my inner freedom, and the bonus gift is getting to see my vision come to life.


This is not to say that our achievements are in any way inferior to or less important, that is another line of hogwash we are often fed—because the desire for the things you want to achieve is utterly inseparable from your journey towards greater freedom, love, and trust in yourself and life! It is the very catalyst for that.


A lot of the spiritual and self-help space attempts to separate the two and throw the desire for achievements out with the bathwater as if it is not the very thing that calls the soul forward on its journey! Alternatively, a lot of the entrepreneurial space also attempt to separate the two, except they attempt to throw out your freedom, love, and trust in yourself and life by encouraging you to follow their method alone, or shaming you for not doing the specific actions they have deemed are best for you, and having a general “you can sleep when you’re dead” philosophy of life.


In my work, you don’t throw either of those things out. You don’t throw out your desire and you don’t throw out your inner freedom and trust in yourself and life, because you don’t throw out parts of you! We all have desires for achievements, and we all want inner freedom, love, and trust in ourselves, and we can absolutely have BOTH.


No human life is just “easy”, not even when you absolutely have it all. But billions of human lives have ease. And our ability to cultivate the depth and breadth of that ease is expanding rapidly in this world every single day (as I pointed out in this article, in case you missed it).


Deciding to have ease in your life is like deciding to step off the wheel of purely physical survival and onto more solid ground to plant a new seed and thrive. It will not be “easy” to move through the feelings that come up around that and the experiences that trigger those feelings. But it WILL create ease, more and more of it, with each little step you take in that direction. Simply intending to do so will plant the seed and set the entire thing in motion.


That ease does in turn create more easiness in your life, which in turn free’s your energy up to meet the next challenge on the never-ending spiral of learning that is this human life.


It has been and continues to be, the great joy of my life to take that journey with intention, curiosity, audacity, the spirit of adventure, and a really good sense of humor for the blunders… so I highly recommend it.


And as always, if you want some help with that, you can work with me in my Feast or Famine No More Course — It might be just the next right step towards ease for you »