November 21, 2021

The Dance Between Acceptance & Change

Beautiful dress in a motion on a woman, and text: The Dance Between Acceptance & Change

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Do you want to have more free time? More money? More happiness? More fulfillment? More joy and ease? More love? Do you want to feel more inspired? More uplifted? More at peace? More held and supported by life? More in harmony with yourself and life?
You can have that. And your desire and impulse for that is not only a natural part of the evolution and expansion of the entire universe, it’s a needed and necessary one.
This universe is in constant motion. Have you noticed?
Pulsing and expanding with every beat of your heart, every breath that you take, and every movement of every atom in your being. Every solar system, star and galaxy, and every particle in this infinite space in which we live.
The universe is creating and re-creating itself anew in every moment. Change is its only constant. New creation and expression, its only desire.
And you. Are. That.
You are none other than exactly that. Of course you want all kinds of things. Do you think it was just you that came up with those desires?
Do you believe for one second there is not as much purpose to your passions as there was to the spontaneous ignition of the sea of molten fire that is our sun?
If you are wondering if you should just learn to accept and be happy with what you have or should try for something better and more… the answer is BOTH. This is not an either/or universe. Have you noticed?
This is an and/both universe. The universe didn’t say, “Hmmm, I’ve got space, and I’ve got stardust and gasses. Should I just be happy with the space or create a new sun 🤔…??”
There is no such hesitation. The space and the matter coalesce and explode into light.
That is what you are. That coalescence. That is what life is. The dance from dark to light, space to matter, acceptance to change. And round and round and round forevermore.
The way to create all manner of change you are desiring is not to push against what is, but to accept it completely at the same time as you hold the vision of something new.
You combine space and matter, and you allow them to coalesce and ignite into new life—just like every other creation in existence.
That new life and creation is not just for you. It’s for us all (even when it seems like it’s just for you). You will never have any idea how who you are and what you want has affected everything, everywhere, for all time. Just like every other particle and atom in this universe, and the space that holds their endless dance.
All this to say: your dreams for your own life are so much bigger than you. Even when you don’t know or understand that. And your acceptance and love of what IS, in the here and now, is so much bigger than you too.
You don’t have to choose between one or the other. You don’t have to settle, and you don’t have to force. Just allow.
Your desires are part of what is. They’re on purpose. They’re so much bigger than your body or mind. Though your body and mind will do their best with them.
Your spirit is the one who’ll see them through.
And as always, if you’d like some help with creating your life on purpose and igniting a new life, you know where to find me »