March 22, 2020

Finding Joy Amidst The Storm


Hello my loves,


How are you doing? Seriously tho. I know it’s been a really tough week, and I am sending you all my love and virtual hugs and compassion right now for whatever it is you are moving through, emotionally and situationally. ❤️ 


For those of you who are experiencing losses and hardships and challenges up the wazoo, I am with you and I am holding your vision and your dreams tight, knowing that though they may seem further away than ever, they are still so much closer than you think.


And for those of you who are thriving in this time, I am celebrating you wildly for the light of possibility and hope you are shining for all those who’s paths have shifted, and the abundance you are fostering that will uplift and open flow for us all.


To be honest I had a post planned for this week called “What If Money Were Like Air?” — but I decided to hold off on that one because I know it is probably too big a jump to make in the pressure cooker of this much uncertainty and escalated emotions. My own commitment to this possibility has challenged me this week in ways I’ve never imagined. But that is what happens when we make commitments to a new way of being, our opposing deeply held beliefs about that, all shoot up to the surface for review and healing.


So even though it’s a rough time to stretch that possibility muscle, it’s also a more important time than EVER to lean into an entirely new view of the source of your abundance, so you’ll still see that one in your inbox in the coming weeks.


For now I just wanted to write you and tell you I love you. And how grateful I am for you, reading these little offerings I make each week from my heart of hearts.


And I also wanted to bring a little hope and light to your inbox, and to leave you with a few ways you might find joy amidst this storm…


1. Write yourself a list of other stormy times in your life.
Storms you thought you wouldn’t survive. Storms that told you things would never be the same. Storms that told you things would always be worse and this was definitely the end for you… but were only the beginning. Remind yourself of the once doom-filled uncertainty that turned out so much better than okay. Your rational brain will be soothed by this, and it will re-connect you with your deeper knowing and faith.



2. Make a list of 10 things that are beautiful.
Seriously, just do it. It’s magic. Beauty opens up your natural inclination to appreciation, love and joy.



3. Focus on What You Want.
At times like this we feel extra powerless and might be tempted to just throw our dreams in the crapper, but we are not powerless. And please don’t! There is a difference between powerlessness and lack of control. No we don’t have control (obvs, right?) — but yes, we absolutely are powerful. Not ONLY now, but especially now. When all that seemed to hold you safe shakes loose, focus on what you want to create instead. Feel into it. Be there. Spend at least 10 seconds there everyday if you can.



4. Ask More Empowering Questions.
Right now there are probably a lot of disempowering questions moving through your mind at warp speed, and so there has never been a better time to turn those questions around, so you can sit in positive possibility into catastrophizing and doom-filled projecting. For example: “What if I lose everything?” can become “What if I gain everything?“,  or “I was just about to breakthrough and now this?!” can become, “what if this IS the breakthrough?“,  or “my life is never going to be the same or good again!” can become, “what if my life is going to get better than ever before?“. Turn those fears around and ask those empowering questions and just allow that to open your beautiful curious mind and playful heart.


5. Sing. Dance. Play. Primal Scream.

Stomp your feet. Punch the crap out of a pillow. Watch funny movies. Take a bath. Play music. Be creative. Shake it out. Move all that pent up energy through your body so it doesn’t get trapped and turned into stored body trauma. 


6. Meditate & Visualize.

There’s never been a more important time to GO INSIDE. When the outside is unreliable and unpredictable, it’s a golden opportunity to connect to your true power within. Last week I made a guided visualization to support this and to hopefully help soothe and calm your money fears, and re-orient you towards abundance and love. Have a listen right here if you like »



And above all, remember all you love about life.



It will still be there. And even right now, it is all still IN HERE. In your heart, in your soul, in that immoveable place within you. Close your eyes and bring it right back to yourself. Feel your lightness of breath returning, see the sunshine peeking out on the horizon… a brand new day is ahead for us all. 🌞 ✨




P.S. If you have the time, and have always wanted to dive in, now might be a great time to create this next chapter of your life with intention 👉  Feast or Famine No More Course & Membership 👈




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