February 26, 2023

Enough’s Enough

Beautify white flower bouget in woman's hands and text overlay: Enough's Enough

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Enough’s Enough
“You can’t build a business out
of simply reminding people they
are already enough,”
they said.
“Business is all about creation of need!
If they don’t think they’re missing anything,
your business won’t survive!,”
they said.
“How will you make money and build a
business if you don’t operate by the
standard rules of business?!,”
they said.
“I don’t know,”
I said.
“but I’m building more than a business here,
I’m building a beautiful life.”
I said.
“I trust that me being full up and overflowing,
and creating from my love and my joy will naturally
bring those who are ready for that freedom to me,
and they will choose it for themselves because they
want that, not because they need something from
me to make them whole. And the whole thing will
flow so much more beautifully then, because they
made the choice out of LOVE for who they are.”
I said.
“good luck making money that way!”
they said.
“I don’t need luck, thanks. I intend the money
to support my most beautiful life to be there for me
always, and when I trust that, and return to love,
it always does.”
I said.
“well, you’re not going to get very far with
that kind of thinking,”
they said.
I said,
“I’m never going to get anywhere
but here. In this present moment.
I work from there,”
I said,
“It always takes me where
I most want to go.
And it gives me
everything I need
along the way.”
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