May 16, 2021

Good Enough


Let me ask you a question…



Do you believe that if you deeply knew and truly trusted that you were enough already, and already perfectly whole and worthy of every good thing your heart desires right this very second, and that there was nothing you needed to do, achieve, change, or better about yourself, that you would just never do anything again, become totally useless and passive and never receive what you want or need?



Do you believe such knowing would turn you into a bump on a log, or some airy fairy freeloader, and result in the total rejection and abandonment of future dreams and desires and any kind of achievement or fruition of a goal?



If you do, you’re not alone. Most people would be with you in that, and that is because as a society and more to the point—as a SPECIES—we humans have mainly operated out of fear and scarcity and believed that fear and scarcity are the only motivators that can make us truly safe.



So when I show up in your inbox telling you about ease and receptivity and flow and peace and unconditional love being the way to everything your heart desires, there is likely one part of you that receives that like a soothing balm to your soul, and another part of you that wants to delete it, roll your eyes at it, fight it and/or trash it as useless information regarding making your dreams for your life come true.



Part of you feels the deeper truth of it and recognizes it, and something softens in you when you read it, because that part recognizes the truth of your own immoveable worth and power, and that recognition usually comes up as a sigh, or a deep breath, a feeling of peace washing over, or sometimes tears, or just a small smile inside and a warming of the heart.



But the other part of you is looking at the whole thing cock-eyed and wanting to file it under “warm fuzzy non-sense that has nothing to do with me reaching my life goals, and in fact is probably super dangerous to it”.



One of these things is the truth of you. The other is your conditioning. Your human and societal conditioning — a conditioning that says unconditional love and peace is useless and the only thing that works is force, control, fear, belief in scarcity and manipulation as motivation to DO BETTER and BE BETTER, MORE, NOW. 



Listen. I am not arguing that those things work. Yah, they work. But what do they work FOR? And WHO do they work for??



They can work for a lot of ends, but they cannot and do not create happiness, joy, peace, true abundance or freedom. And try as they might they also do not create any kind of real stability or real safety whatsoever, though they may create the temporary illusion of such. Anything created from that state can ONLY be more of what it already is, which is: more fear, more scarcity, more force, more control, more manipulation (towards yourself or others).



But when you tap the truth of you, and your already fully enoughness and worthiness NOW (not later when you do that thing, become that thing, achieve that thing), that part ‘works’ too, it creates more of what IT is also, which is: more love, more joy, more peace, more freedom and more abundance with more ease, with no force, manipulation, control, fear or belief in scarcity required to do so, but with pure receptivity and trust.



Of course, the new way cannot “work” if you continue to believe in and operate from the old paradigm way as if it is the only thing that works. 



As long as you still believe that hustling and struggling and fear and force are the only things that are effective in your survival and your THRIVING, you will continue to act from that belief, and invest in that belief (in all the ways), and thus create more and more evidence that it’s true.



It’s not your fault, it’s just the soup we’re all stewing in. The soup of the belief in scarcity and not-enough-never-enough-ness. 



The belief is that if we pay enough attention to, and fear the not enoughness, we will then be able to somehow create enoughness. But all it does is keep perpetuating more of the same not-enoughness. The whole premise is based on the idea that you can use fear and lack to create a feeling of safety and abundance, it’s ABSURD! 



It is like building a fortress out of live grenades. They’re GOING to blow up. You are using the very thing you want to avoid to create your shelter, and wondering why you don’t feel safe! We all do this, it’s considered normal. And it’s madness.



You don’t create enoughness. Enoughness already IS. It is the immoveable truth of your being as life and love itself. All you have to do is re-discover it, and learn to see past all the clouds that block its view. You don’t have to “do” anything for it, you just have to be willing to open your heart to it.



Which begins with opening your heart to YOU. Just as you are. Right here. Right now. That part of you is the key to all manner of abundance.



If you think this kind of love and self-realization does not apply to money creation, business, or all  other manner of “real world practicalities“, you’re wrong. They are simply an entirely new way of creating and receiving all of the above, with the power of flow, instead of force. Love instead of fear. Trust instead of control.



So I ask you again – do you believe that if you really knew you were fully enough, and did not need to strive and hustle for your worthiness OR your money and love, that you would ever receive or achieve your wants/needs and dreams for your life?



Because your answer to that question says it all. It reveals what you believe is truly effective, and what you believe is effective you will employ against yourself (and therefore others, whether you mean to or not).



If you DO believe that on some level, even though you don’t want to, but you notice you still really do and you want to change that, I am with you. And I invite you to join me in my Feast or Famine No More Course where we do exactly that, and learn to create and invite abundance from a place that is based on who you ACTUALLY ARE, not who you’re “supposed to be”, or will be later when you’re more ‘perfect’ (which is how fear keeps you locked in this game).



But no matter what you do, or don’t do, today or all the days of you life… and whether or not you can believe it right now… you are priceless and perfect as you are here and now, already wholly enough in every way. And your re-discovery of that fact is more powerful and creative than any amount of fear or scarcity could ever be. I know that’s mushy, but it’s true.



And if you’re wondering which of these two sides of yourself is the truth, ask yourself how you’d feel about this issue with your last breath here on earth? That will reveal what’s true every time.



That doesn’t mean your dreams and goals are unimportant, it just means that what you use to run yourself around with to those ends (fear/lack), will shift to love and enoughness instead.



And you will get the great privilege of finding out what THAT kind of power can do in this life… and be part of a paradigm shift in all of humanity.