May 22, 2022

Out Of The Blue

Dark night and moon, and the text: Out Of The Blue

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I have been working with the energy of the divine feminine for the past few years. If you’re not familiar with that term, it has nothing to do with physical gender. 
It is simply an expression of a quality of life force energy. Life has a balance of yin (feminine) and yang (masculine). These qualities are expressed in everything in the universe. And everything in the universe contains both qualities, including humans. And there is meant to be a balance between the two.
The divine feminine is expressed as the womb of creation and creativity, receptivity and intuition, nurturing, connection and communion, compassion, flow, collaboration, healing, gentleness, wisdom, and flexibility. The divine feminine expresses more in BEING rather than in doing.
The divine masculine is expressed as independence, logic, reason, action, protection, survival, firmness, strength, adventurousness, rationality, supportive structure, assertiveness, taking charge, confidence, speaking up, and staking claim.
Again, these are expressions of energy, not “men” and “women.” Though they do express as men and women and those that don’t identify as either one, or both. We all carry all of these qualities in varying degrees.
And we all are deeply seeking BALANCE between those energies. Whether we are aware of that or not. It is happening because it is how the energies of the universe work.
We live in a patriarchal society and culture in this world at present. Long ago, we lived in a more matriarchal society in this world, all over. Somewhere between 3000 to 1500 BC, there was a transition to the patriarchal society we know today.
Prior to that, it was primarily a partnership model, a goddess-loving culture of animists. Animism means you believe that EVERYTHING is alive. Everything has a spirit (or IS spirit expressed). Then the dominator model came into play, and animists were outlawed and punished by death. The reason for this was political, so that people would have to worship in churches with a priest or higher authority and have to pay/donate in order to do so, which gave them the seat of power instead of the people.
This stripped people of their own always-on inner connection with the divine, and internal sense of power and provision, by making it literally illegal and punishable by death and then attempted to sell it back to them through systems of hierarchy. 
And this is why we are where we are now in our world. We swung on that pendulum way over to the right, and now we’re swinging back towards the center. That swing has just begun, however, and it will take a long time to express globally, but it all begins with each one of us working through our personal wounds and trauma and coming back into balance within ourselves.
But the swinging of extremes is HOW we find that balance, that’s not a MISTAKE, so if you notice you’re swung way over to one side, that’s exactly as it should be in this moment—because there are things for you to learn and heal there—and as you do, you naturally start coming into balance more and more over time.
This is happening for all of us all the time, whether we know it or not, because the infinite knows what it’s doing, even when our conscious awareness does not. 
So as I said, I’ve been working with the divine feminine, consciously, for a few years now. In truth, of course, I’ve been working with it and the divine masculine all my life! 😂 But I have been conscious of that the last few years, and one of the ways I have loved to do that is to work with different archetypes, oracles, and expressions of the divine mother energy.
And lately, I’ve been working with Kali. 💙
Kali is depicted as a fierce blue goddess who looks rather threatening on the outside, but in actuality, is the deepest love. Because Kali is fiercely protecting your SPACIOUSNESS and right to BE.
I find that these goddesses show up to me in color before they show up to me in name. I worked with the goddess Isis (the Egyptian goddess of magic and healing fire) for 2 years prior to Kali, and she first showed up as a gold color in my consciousness, and then it was everywhere, and it was almost as if it was speaking to me, but I didn’t know what it was saying until she showed up.
Then the same with the goddess Tara, who started showing up as the deepest green, this green was, again, in my consciousness, and because it was in my consciousness, it drew my attention to all of the gorgeous green in my world.
And then came Kali with her deep rich blue. That deepest, darkest, luscious midnight blue.
And as much as I LOVE that color (and it is actually one of my favorite colors, if not my favorite), I resisted it like hell because I knew that with her, I was in for a bit of a ride, to say the least! 😂 But my work with Isis had steadied me. Because I’d come through so many storms that I thought I wouldn’t come through and found absolute miracles and magic on the other side of those storms every time. So I was more rooted in deep TRUST through that experience, and so I knew I was ready for her, despite my fearful mind’s attempts to escape. 😆 
To me, goddesses, divine mothers, fathers, angels, guides, and spirits are just expressions of the one inseparable this-ness. Like flowers, or trees or animals or insects or people. Like books and tables and water and stones. Everything is an expression of Life with a capital L. Source. Consciousness itself. God. Energy. Whatever you want to call it.
To me, Life and death are just another shade and hue of the divine. EVERYTHING is alive to me, and always has been. I just didn’t know there was a name for that before, until I did. So I’ve taken back my right to access the divine right here at home. And I’ve taken back my right to play in the mystery as much as I want to, in whatever way I want to, like a child playing merrily in a great cosmic sandbox. I’m not here for anything less!
Kali gave me that space to play. She gave me back my right to exist as I want to. I was so afraid she was going to wreak havoc on my Life, but all she did was give it back to me. 😭 💙 ✨ 🙏🏽 I have no words to describe the gift of this. It is a feeling you can only taste but not describe.
When I first started working with her, I had a vision in meditation (I never usually have visions, I am usually more clairsentient or claircognizant) of a big blue dragon slithering towards me in the mud in an S shape and then rising straight up into the air with its mouth opening wider and wider until it split 3 ways down the middle and revealed a giant lotus blossom inside that then bloomed open. 😳
I should’ve known I was in for it then. 😂🤣 🐉 🪷 ✨
I was in for something so very good. A little rough and tumble for a while there, not gonna lie!! But nothing like I feared, and so very worth every minute of it. 
The other day I burst out into laughter when I realized the deep significance of our popular human phrase “out of the blue.” 😂🤣🙌👏 “YES!” I thought, out of Kali’s divine deep blue, the dark womb of creation that births all Life as we know it. The rich and nourishing spaciousness that is so very necessary to our thriving.
Out of that darkness springs all of our dreams, collectively and individually. Everything you want for yourself is connected to all that exists and will ripple out to touch everything, long after your body is gone.
All your dreams and desires sprung from that spaciousness in the same exact way that YOU did! And all of the fruition of those dreams and desires do too…
right out of the
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