June 25, 2023

The Cooling Shade Of Shadow

Breathtaking waterfalls in front of the mountain, and text The Cooling Shade Of Shadow

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Hello loves,
So today I invite you to put one hand over your lower belly, and one hand holding your chin and jawline, so like your thumb is on your jawline and your other fingers are holding your face and jawline on the other side, and then tuck your head down a little like you’re looking down and settling into that chin hold.
And now, once again, we’ll take that Trinity Breath of 3 deep slow breaths, breathing all the way down to your root or lower belly on the inhale, and a nice slow long exhale out on each.
Take your time with that, and read on when ready…
So the cooling shade of shadow. One of the things you need to know about me is that as a Scorpio, I love the dark. I love the shade, I love the hidden places, the hidden gems, the privacy and quiet spaciousness of a shady spot under a tree. And I also love to directly confront anything and everything IN ME that would hold me from my freedom. I LOVE to transmute what has bound me and gagged me, and to turn it into the gold that sets me free. So I am not afraid of the dark, I am liberated by it.
I know and trust its power to dissolve things that previously seemed un-dissolvable.
And I share this with you to today to offer my perspective to you, in case you want to borrow it. Borrowing perspectives can be helpful sometimes, it can help us shift out of an old fear and into a new way of life.
And that perspective of mine is this – that all of the shadows that I might face in me, the things I don’t want to be seen as, or don’t want to feel, or don’t want to experience, or don’t want to think about, those dark seeming places… when approached from the spaciousness of unconditional love, become like the sweetest cooling shade.
When you consciously go IN to those dark places, they transmute into a sweet respite from the hot and sometimes cruel intensity of light, it is like part of you has been ALLOWED TO EXIST and in that you find the DEEPEST rest. Rest for the places that have been RUNNING all your life. It’s the sweetest ease. Like sitting in the shade of a giant deeply rooted tree, and feeling the cool air blow across your face.
The tree has no judgement of you, or any of your “bad” parts. The tree is just there with you. It welcomes you. All of you.
And you can be that tree unto yourself!  And I LOVE doing that for myself. It is the sweetest freedom. Nothing has been more transformative to my life than being willing to look those dark places and fears in the eye. And it doesn’t HAVE to be all that dramatic. It can be like walking out of the hot sun and into the shade. You just have to decide that it gets to be that way. You have to decide that that’s your freedom. Me deciding that that’s my freedom, makes it so.
But here’s the thing. This is very different than prizing those shadows over light, or thinking I need to go into battle-with and “overcome” my shadows, or “let go of” the shadows or light, or be only one or the other, or believe I have to have a huge emotional drama and “awakening” in order to feel that cooling shade, then I will create a lot of drama and suffering for myself to endure. (and I speak from experience there, lol)
But if I can enter the space of simple neutral unconditionally loving spaciousness in myself, then shadows and light can pass through without any effort. Just like when you watch the light filter through the leaves and create dappled shadows and light on the ground when you’re beneath that big old tree.
We’re able to appreciate that when we see it, but not the shadows in ourselves and that’s ONLY because of what we’ve made our own shadows MEAN. Find out what you’re making them mean, and question it. Set yourself free.
Turn those shadows into cooling shade.
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See you there. 🤗 Much love sweet pea’s,